Baphomet Command

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Golan III Space Defence Station.jpg
Baphomet Command
Production information
Class Golan III Space Defense NovaGun
Technical specifications
Length 2600 meters
Shielding 8000 SBD
Hull 3040 RU
  • 36 starfighters
    • Brightstar Squadron, 12 X-Wings
    • Nebula Riders Squadron, 12 X-Wings
    • Sivar's Pains, 12 B-Wings
  • Usage
    Role(s) Planetary Defense
    Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
    Known owner(s) Allegiance Battle Group
    Known commander(s) Rear Admiral Tobias Alard

    The Golan III Space Defense NovaGun Baphomet Command is the Headquarters of the Allegiance Battle Group, which orbits the planet of Bethlamore. From the platform, Rear Admiral Tobias Alard commands the ships and fighter Squadrons of the Battle Group. It handles all military operations in the Baphomet system and also helps out in civilian operations when needed. Baphomet Command also works with the Assembly of the Force, when they require assistance.

    Onboard the platform is a Wing of Starfighters from the New Republic Starfighter Corps. These are Brightstar Squadron (12 T-65 AC4 X-Wings), Nebula Riders Squadron (12 T-65 AC4 X-wings), and Sivar's Pains (12 B-Wings).



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