Bar and Grill policy

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This policy concerns the RS Bar and Grill.

Ops policy

General guidelines

The RS Bar and Grill is largely self-run, with most denizens well aware of the various borders that exist and normally not presenting a serious problem that requires operators. However, occasions sometimes arise when rules are breached and need to be maintained.

This policy will not attempt to cover any specific situations, but seeks to provide general guidelines for B&G operators. The following apply:

  • It is most important to act as a responsible operator and carefully follow the progression of consequences when you are dealing with a person you do not know, or know only a little. These people are not likely to be very familiar with the B&G and its peculiar environment.
  • The more familiar and comfortable that you are with the person in question, the more lax you may be with these rules. Situations known colloquially as "ops abuse" are allowed when the parties involved understand that all is in jest. However, if any party involved requests to be left alone, his or her wishes must be respected.

Progression of consequences

This progression should be followed in all instances except where the offending party is clearly and deliberately trying to antagonize one or more people in the channel. For such problems, the op may proceed to step 4 immediately.

In almost no instance should an op kick someone without appropriate warning; as a reminder, it is possible to keep someone from talking by banning them, but not kicking them. This allows for time to give them a warning without their continuing the offensive behavior.

  1. Notification of channel policy and how the person is breaching it
  2. Warning that continued similar behavior will result in a kick
  3. Single kick with a clear reason
  4. Ban temporarily (without kicking), warning that continued similar behavior will result in a kickban, unban
  5. Kick and ban; kick reason should include the length of the ban. Recommended ban lengths are from 30 minutes to 1 day, with longer bans for each subsequent offense. Bans for longer than 3 days must be approved by the RSFC & RSXO. The maximum ban length is one month.

Access policy

  • B&G operator status is granted to all qualifying personnel that demonstrate the ability to be an operator.
  • No two users will have equal access. In cases of equal positions, such as two Fleet COs, the officer who has served longer in their position will have a higher access level, or else the matter will be resolved at the B&G manager's discretion.
  • Access may be revoked temporarily or permanently for repeated failure to observe the Ops Policy.

Access is granted as follows:

  • 500: Channel owner (Shik)
  • 490-499: RS leaders (RSFC, RSXO)
  • 400-489: B&G managers (often members of the Internet Office)
  • 300-399: Fleet COs
  • 250-299: Aldermen
  • 200-249: Fleet XOs
  • 100-199: Assistant ops designated by the B&G manager(s)

Current access list

Note: This list may not be completely up-to-date; please use the Channel Service website for the latest list. You may also type /msg X ACCESS #RS_Bar_and_Grill * to receive this information via IRC.

19 March 2007:

shikkie             500
dave1453            496
Blastfire           452
ThePoet444          450
RSDavid             305
rskaz               302
Scorbolt            300
Codyman             250
EMW1824             210
JKRich              204
MCal                202
supersair           101
LCable              101