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Region Outer Rim
Sector Greeop Sector
System Greeop system
Suns 2: Greeop Prime, Trimore
Moons 3: Mobu, Yona, Uio
Orbital Distance 1.6 AUs
Diameter 19,000 km
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type III
Gravity Light (0.7 Standard)
Surface water None
Climate Temperate
Primary terrain Barren, canyons, rock formations
Length of Day 29 Standard Hours
Length of Year 483.3 Standard Days
Population 0 (formerly 15,000)
Native species None
Immigrated species 0 (formerly Human, others)
Official language Basic
Government New Republic
Affiliation New Republic
Exports None
Import None (formerly Foodstuff, Military supplies)

Blerthmore is a barren, lifeless terrestrial planet in the Greeop system. The planet has huge ice caps formed at each pole, probably made possible because of the extreme tilt of the planet on its axis. Blerthmore also has a very thin nitrogen atmosphere with very little oxygen. Other than that, it is a fairly uninteresting world. It was chosen as the location for the fleet command center for the first four years of Task Force Republic Shield's existence in the Outer Rim because its large canyons provided suitable defense and there was no risk to any local populace.

Defense and Status

Blerthmore served as the capital world of Task Force Republic Shield from 40GrS until 44GrS and was the location of the high tech Fleet Domed Command Complex. This well-defended military facility was the only populated spot on the planet and one of two garrisons in the Greeop system. Surrounding the planet were three Republic Shield orbital platform bases that served as defensive, training, and homes bases for the flagship task group, Redemption, and the RS Academy. All three of these stations were heavily damaged during the Battle of Blerthmore on 44:2:27, when a major Imperial attack force besieged the system. Both BASE Raptor and BASE Castor were destroyed, and BASE Stalwart heavily damaged.

One of Blerthmore's three moons, Uio, houses the Aegis Communications Control which is an advanced communications center that serves as the nexus of all of the task force's fleet and ground inter-system and intra-system communications. This communication center was reduced to slag in the Imperial attack, but has since been restored to operational status.

Also in orbit is a significant debris ring from the remains of the Imperial fleet that assaulted the system.

With the Fleet Domed Command Complex damaged beyond financially-feasible repair, and with only BASE Stalwart left in orbit, Blerthmore's defenses were seriously compromised. In light of this, and a number of other factors, the Republic Shield capital was relocated to the populated world of Tarsonis further in-system.

To this effect, the Command Fortress was rigged with explosives to prevent hostile forces salvaging or accessing it, and both BASE Stalwart and the Eagle's Nest shipyards relocated from Blerthmore orbit to Tarsonis orbit by the Star Destroyer Prometheus from 44:5:31 to 44:5:32.

The planet is now therefore completely abandoned, with no plans to return, and only the Aegis Communications Control station on the Uio moon remaining an active asset of the planetary system.

Primary Military Facilities

Former Military Facilities of Note


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