Blood Squadron

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Blood Squadron is one unit within the Backlash Wing of the Aurora Force. Backlash Wing is lead by Colonel Tech Krill, with Commander ben Haun as XO. Blood Squadron is commanded by Colonel Alec Jaggers and consists of long standing members of the Aurora Force that would not be appropriately placed in other squadrons for one reason or another. Many of these members are called upon to lead various elements of the Aurora Force from time to time. The ranks of Blood Squadron have grown thin over the years as members have gone on to other ventures outside of the Rebel Squadrons.


Arterial Flight

  • Blood Squad CO: COL Alec Jaggers
  • Blood Squad XO: MGN Derik Bel Iblis
  • Blood Squad Three: None
  • Blood Squad Four: None
  • Blood Squad Five: None
  • Blood Squad Six: None

Crimson Flight

  • Blood Squad Seven: None
  • Blood Squad Eight: None
  • Blood Squad Nine: RA Gavin Cantorph Kravis
  • Blood Squad Ten: None
  • Blood Squad Eleven: None
  • Blood Squad Twelve: None

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