Brig Dolaree

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Member Profile
Brig Dolaree
Career Information
Callsign Brig
Full RS Name Brig Dolaree
A.K.A. Brig, Brig_D, RS_BDolaree, RS_Brig_D
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Join Jan 24, 2004
Current Status Active
Current Station
Current Offices
  • None
Current Command Positions
Other Current Positions
Past Positions of note
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Coruscant
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 36
Height 5'11"
Weight 215 kilograms
Hair color Black-Gray
Eye color Brown
Personal Information (Real Life)
Gender Male
Location North Carolina USA
Age 36

Awards Received

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Brigateen Dolaree was born Kartan Neado to Briannaa and Bail Neado on Coruscant. Bail was an Imperial Officer, and Briannaa, his mother, was an Imperial Intelligence agent who was active in investigating various pirate activities. Growing up, She taught Kartan many things, as she had hopes that he would follow her into Imperial service. She taught him how to slice into computer systems for information, how to bypass security systems. She also taught him many methods to gain information. To seek out the places where discontent reigned, how to listen to conversations and blend into a crowd. The subtle clues of psychology that can demonstrate the truth from fiction.

However, as his mother spent her time discovering information for the Empire, she also started directing her attention to the Empire itself, and found that the Empire was not all it seemed to be. Using her skills, and her access to information databases, she began to leak sensitive data to those who opposed to the Emperor. Soon, she was discovered by an Alliance Intelligent Agent, and was recruited as a spy for the Rebellion. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, as confusion and chaos engulfed the capitol of the Empire, her husband Bail discovered her transmitting data to her courier from their very home, and after a swift investigation, he personally executed her several days later as she arrived home from the Intelligence agency.

However, he did not look behind him as he did so, for Kartan had just arrived home from testing to enter the Imperial Intelligence Academy. Upon seeing his father kill his mother, Kartan flew into a rage and killed his own father and fled the capitol on a transport, barely escaping Imperial authorities that had authorized the killing of his mother.

Pirates attacked the transport he fled on, and Kartan was captured. Convincing the crew that he was worth more alive than dead, they enslaved him on their ship, the Drocanna. Using his skills for the pirates, he took a chance and executed a worm program he made when they captured a small Corellian YT-1300 transport, and locked down the pirates on their own ship without life-support and power, and fled.

Wanted by the Imperials, but with a ship of his own, Kartan changed his name to Brigateen Dolaree, the name of the former captain of the YT-1300, and began a life of smuggling. Using all the skills his mother taught him, He forged Imperial consignment orders and started to make a life living off the largess of the Empire trying to make them pay for the pain in his life. Stealing their own goods yet not having to worry about running any blockades, as all his cargo was unofficially sanctioned by the Empire through his forged documents.

After 3 years, Brigateen was able to purchase a new ship, a modified YT-2000 he was able to special order with the money he made. He named the ship the Briannaa in honor of his mother. Brigateen decided it was a good time to take it easy for a while and disappear into the Outer Rim. However, after taking off from the shipyards, Brigateen was caught in an Imperial sting operation, and he found himself told to power down and to prepare to be boarded. He had been recognized by an Imperial Agent at the shipyard, who was tracking all new ship orders and an investigation revealed that Brigateen Dolaree had been missing for 3 years. After checking into records, it was discovered that Brigateen was wanted for murder.

Rather than surrendering to certain death, Brigateen choose to fight, and as he launched his first missile at a Tie Interceptor, the Republic made raided the system. During the firefight that ensued, Red Leader was impressed at that combat skills of Brigateen, and as the battle ended and the raid prepared to enter hyperspace, he took a chance and hailed the Briannaa, stating, if you ever want a chance to kick some Imperial rear, visit the Scruffy Nerf Herder Cantina on Mantooine, tell the bartender there that "Red is not dead."

After several months, Brigateen entered the same cantina, and thought to himself, what the heck, I might as well try talking to the bartender. After an hour of drinking the local rot gut, he was officially recruited into the Alliance.

Squadron mates all mention the fact the Brigateen is very quiet, that he hardly ever talks to anyone. They all wonder why he just sits, listens and observes all that goes on around them. In truth, Brigateen is just doing as his mother told him, trying to decide if his running days are over, and he is at last home.

RS History

Brig Dolaree joined up with the RS in 2004. His first active duty assignment was to Draco Squadron, Chi'intal Wing, Intrepid Battle Group. Early on Brig was actively looking for ways to assist the Rebel Squadrons. Brig's first volunteer assignment was as Internet Officer for Draco Squadron. He eventually took on additional responsiblities to become the Draco Second Officer. Brig got his first taste of command when the CO and XO of his squadron took a leave of absence at the same time. Brig eventually became the squadron XO and finally Squadron CO. In addition, Brig took on the role of Chi'intal Wing Internet Officer.

During his first tour of duty, Brig also served in the Patriot Battle Fleet and Renegade Fleet.

Summary of First Tour Of Duty.
Joined RS Jan 24, 2004
(IBG) Assigned to Draco Squadron upon graduation from the IBG Academy on or about Feb 1, 2004.
(IBG) Draco IO within several weeks of joining, served as Squadron IO until Dec 3 , 2005 when I retired.
(IBG) Draco SO, uncertain of date, an old NL shows I became SO around August 2004. Left due to promotion to XO.
(IBG) Chiin'Tal Wing IO, earliest recorded date October 2004 - Dec 3, 2005.
(IBG) Internet Team XO earliest recorded date October 2004 - Dec 3, 2005.
(IBG) Draco XO, uncertain of date, earliest recorded XO signed email circa December 2004. Left due to promotion to CO.
(IBG) Became Draco CO, earliest signed CO email March 2005 - Dec 3, 2005.
(IBG) Requiem 11 Oct 2004 -August 2005??
(RGF) Joined Ragnarok in slot 2 upon graduation from the XVT Academy on or about Feb 17, 2004 - Dec 3, 2005.
(PBF) Joined Green Squadron upon graduation from the X-wing Academy on or about Feb 20, 2005 - Dec 3, 2005.

Due to real life intruding on his RS Career, Brig retired on Dec 3, 2005 ending his 1st tour of duty at almost 2 years of service.

Brig eventually found his way out of retirement and was placed in Red Dragon Squadron in the Vigilance Starfighter Group. The VSG was the result of a merge of the RGF and IBG while Brig was retired. Brig was tapped to take on a Squadron Command once again and shortly therafter became the CO of the Red Dragons. Brig had his work cut out for him as at this time, Red Dragon Squadron was largely inactive. Through alot of hard work, the RDS began to show signs of life. Brig was able to find an able XO in Adam Mieter, and together they were able to lead the Dragons back to life. Also during this second tour, Brig was assigned the the Patriot Starfighter Group were he assisted in keeping Blue Squadron operational as ACO. Brig was able to step down to the XO slot eventually. Brig also served in the RID during his second tour. After awhile, Brig went back into the reserves due to real life pleasures taking away from his abilty to serve at the best of his ability.

Second Tour Of Duty Summary:

April 12, 2008 - (Returned to active duty) - March 2010? -Inactive / second retirement
RDS CO(VSG) May 17, 2008 - March 2010?
Task Force Usagi 4(RID) June 9, 2008 -March 2010
Blue XO(PBF) August 14, 2008-March 2010
Blue ACO(PBF) July 6, 2008 - August 14, 2008
Blue 1(PBF) June 7, 2008 - July 6, 2008
RDS 3(VSG) April 16, 2008 - May 17, 2008 (Became RDS CO)

Third Tour of Duty

With his personal affairs in order, Brig was able to fight his way back to active duty in June of 2011, where he was again reassigned to the Red Dragons and was glad to see his old XO Adam Mieter was still serving as squadron CO. Shortly after, Brig once again stepped into the CO's chair after Adam chose to step down.