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RS Rank List Abbr.
CDT.jpg Cadet CDT
LJG.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade LJG
2LT.jpg Second Lieutenant 2LT
1LT.jpg First Lieutenant 1LT
CPT.jpg Captain CPT
MAJ.jpg Major MAJ
LCM.jpg Lieutenant Commander LCM
CMDR.jpg Commander CMDR
LCL.jpg Lieutenant Colonel LCL
COL.jpg Colonel COL
BGN.jpg Brigadier General BGN
MGN.jpg Major General MGN
LGN.jpg Lieutenant General LGN
GEN.jpg General GEN
COM.jpg Commodore COM
RA.jpg Rear Admiral RA
VA.jpgVice Admiral VA
ADM.jpg Admiral ADM
FA.jpg Fleet Admiral FA
Test Rank Insignia Small.gif Bar Admiral (Obs) BA
Test Rank Insignia Small.gif Sector Admiral (Obs) SA
Rank Details
Description Detail
Abbreviation: CDT
Insignia: CDT.jpg
Former Insignia: Cadet Rank Insignia Small.gif
Level: Not rated
Promotion by (min): Squadron CO
Min time at rank: 2 weeks (Exception: Beginner's Path Ribbon)

All new members of the Rebel Squadrons must first start out as a Cadet. This is not a rank. A Cadet must first confirm their wish to join. They are then placed in the squadron for which they specified to join. A person may be given rank by graduating from the Academy or by earning one of the Beginner's Path ribbons. Depending on a person's accomplishments while a cadet, they may be given the rank Lieutenant Junior Grade or Second Lieutenant.[[1]]

It is highly recommended that new cadets review the Ops Manual (outdated) to learn how the Rebel Squadrons is organized and what the club has to offer. It is also recommended that they review all documents and graduation requirements for the platforms they wish to play.[[2]] More information may be available in the Academy article.

Command Limitations

Cadets cannot hold any command positions.

Roster Database quirks

Many historical members who served before or in 2001 have the rank of Cadet, even though they had achieved a much higher rank during their career. This is due to an accident where all rank data was lost; see Shik's Cadet Incident.

Notable persons holding this rank

Jeremiah Matthew - a Cadet who got promoted to Captain after the battles in the Minos Cluster.

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