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Region Outer Rim
Sector Cadrel Expanse
System Elenian system
Suns 1: Elenia
Moons None
Orbital Distance 0.98 AUs
Diameter 23,308 km
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I
Gravity Standard (0.98 of standard)
Primary terrain Arctic, Deserts, Forests, Mountains, Oceans, Plains
Length of Day 21 Standard Hours
Length of Year 332 Standard Days
Population 152,000
Native species None
Immigrated species Humans, others
Official language Basic
Major cities Homely City, Bathar City
Government New Republic, Rebel Squadrons
Affiliation New Republic
Exports Foodstuffs, rare gems, fuel
Import New Republic Technology

Caelum is a world so rich in natural beauty that it is often compared to such amazing worlds as Arcadia, Avalon, and former Alderaan. Crystal blue waters meet dazzling snow capped mountains, shimmering lakes are intertwined within vast green forests, and perfect blue skies are the norm.

It was here that the first Hyperspace Explorers chose colonization. The ruins of their ancient city can still be found on the southern continent, now meshed together with the world's vegetation. The serenity of the landscape, and majesty of the old stone, are said to be so captivating that they have influenced even the coldest of Dark Jedi to stop in awe. Growing population centers include a reconstruction site around the old Hyperspace Explorer ruins and Bathar City. The seat of the planetary government is Homely City.

On 44:3:21, the planet's political situation was summarized like this:

In the region of space known as the Cadrel Expanse sits the Elenian system. In first orbit around the system's star is the planet Caelum, rich in natural beauty. The planet had been colonized by some of the first Hyperspace Explorers and was therefore one of the oldest colonized worlds in the entire Cadrel Expanse. Because of the age of the planetary government, the people of Caelum were somewhat distant to both the Galactic Empire of Palpatine and the New Republic, both of which they considered upstart governments. The planet had in fact only been convinced to join the New Republic several years ago after the Rebel Squadrons' victory in the Cadrel Expanse.

Despite the efforts of then-FC Dave Trebonious-Astoris, Caelum grew more estranged from the RS. In an incident which shocked the rest of the Cadrel Expanse and fired the anger of the RS, six crewers from Caelum conspired to destroy the Strike-class medium cruiser Halberd on 44:4:23. This incident, combined with massive demonstrations on the planet in favor of severing relations not only with the RS but with all intergalactic governments has pushed the RS relationship with Caelum to the breaking point.

Primary Civilian Facilities

  • Tael Reconstruction Site (Near Ruins)
  • Bathar City
  • Homely City
  • The Most August Senate House (Homely City)

Behind the Scenes