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Years, more formally known as Galactic Standard Years are a unit of measurement in the galaxy, based on the duration of time that passes during one orbit of Coruscant around its star.

One year consists of three hundred and sixty-eight days on the Galactic Standard Calendar, which is usually divided into ten thirty-five day months, plus three five-day Festival Weeks and three additional Festival Days, however many variations do exist throughout the galaxy with varying levels of officialism.

The New Republic, and by extension Task Force Republic Shield, reckon years by the Great ReSyncronisation (GrS).

Behind the scenes

The measurement of a year is based directly on Earth's year, with an additional three days included.

While most late post-Return of the Jedi Expanded Universe material uses the ABY/BBY (After the Battle of Yavin and Before the Battle of Yavin, respectively) system, this system is not developed in-universe until a few decades after the RS's current point in the timeline. The Great ReSynchronisation is used for all in-universe reckoning by the RS and the New Republic.

An easy conversion is that the Battle of Yavin (0 ABY) takes place in the third month of 35GrS (35:3), which means that the first month of 9 ABY is the third month of 44GrS.