Ceradan Jade

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Member Profile
Ceradan Jade
Career Information
Callsign Shadow Dancer
Full RS Name Ceradan Jade
Rank First Lieutenant
Join November 8th, 2005
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Carida
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 30
Personal Information (Real Life)

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.



The Man stood naked in the small dimly lit room; his hands were in binders behind his back. Ahead of him sitting at a large desk sat two men, one was large with brutal features that made rancour seem placid and serene by comparison. The other man was also tall but slender, he had a well schooled sense of calm about him. On the desk lay a small data pad with a small glow lamp providing the only light in the room. The large man stood up after looking at the data pad in front of him and barked; “Alright we will do this by the numbers, you better start answering my questions if you want to continue breathing.”

“Our records show you were intercepted on the fringes of Rebel squadron space by one of our recon patrols, we are very interested to know what you were doing there.” If this was an attempt to unnerve the man it was not working he remained passive but at the same taking in every detail of the room. Seeing that his target was unphased by the amateurish bully boy tactics, the larger mans vain pulsed in his neck and he moved right in front of the man in an effort to intimidate him.

“Do you have a name other than filth? If so tell us now!” The man stirred as if finally noticing the others presence for the first time, “my name is Ceradan Jade and if you amateurs really want to interrogate me stop using the interrogation manual.” In response to this the large man inches in front of Ceradan looked like he was going to implode with anger, not the best trait in an interrogator Ceradan mused. The large man struck Ceradan jade with a short jab to the face. “Enough” boomed the tall slender man at the desk, “step out side agent” But, sir, no buts out now”!

The larger man left the room and the tall slender man spoke to Ceradan. “First let me apologise for my college he has a habit of losing perspective and he’s still new at this. He was right on the main points how ever, we are interested in what you were doing at the edges of our space in an A9 interceptor and more to the point why you let yourself be detected?”

“Maybe I was sight seeing it’s a big galaxy you know, or maybe I needed a change of scenery. Its clear you are intelligence agents so lets dispense with the formalities shall we? As I told your impatient friend there my name is ceradan Jade, why I’m here in the manor I’m here should tell even you people I’m not here for the tour of your holding cells.”

“Do you wish to defect then?” “That would imply I’m on a side which I’m currently not, I may have been at one time but after Endor there was little point in working for a side that has lost all sense of direction. But if you must file me under something, yes I wish to defect.” “I see, well that being the case I’m going to have to profile you before we can decide on the mater. You can start by going over your background for us and we’ll go from there.” “You want my life story eh? Well I’ve been a citizen of this great cosmos for thirty years; I was born and raised on the imperial world of Carida. I know what your thinking but my family were not staunchly imperial, despite it being home to the elite storm trooper training academy.” That’s not to say they supported the rebels ether, it’s a fair assessment that they just tried to get by in life and not make waves.” “My father served in the planetary security force, my mother was a com tec.” Growing up I had the standard imperial education, all seemed well in our lives, Up until my father went missing on assignment when I was twelve. “Shortly before he went missing he was reassigned to another section and we were told his unit ran in to some smugglers, there was a fire fight and all contact was lost.” When your 12 you never really question what you’re told, I think my mother just slipped in to a numb acceptance.”

After all my father had a dangerous job, maybe not as high profile as the rest of the empire’s military, but important none the less.” Anyway I’ll skip most of my troubled yet uneventful teenage years, accept to say that I found a talent for finding information, which I used to my advantage.” By seventeen I had finished my schooling and like most young men on my home world I was steered in to considering imperial service in the storm troopers or navy.” Had it not been for a seemingly random event I might have done just that.”

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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