Chains of Justice

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Immobiliser 418 cruiser.jpg
Chains of Justice
Production information
Class Immobilizer 418-class heavy cruiser
Technical specifications
Length 600 meters
Width 300 meters
Height/depth 100 meters
Maximum acceleration 1,210 g
Maximum speed (space) 8 mglt
Hyperdrive rating

  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 8
Shielding 4800 SBD
Hull 2272 RU

  • SFS G-7x gravity well projectors (4)
  • Taim & Bak GX-7 quad laser cannons (20)

  • Starfighters (24)
    • Shadow Squadron
    • Brimstone Squadron
  • Lambda-class Shuttle (1)
  • Delta-class Dx-9 Stormtrooper Transports (3)

  • Crew (2,807)
    • Gunners (24)
    • Officers (427)
    • Enlisted (2,380)
Minimum crew 1,500
Passengers 80 troops
Cargo capacity 5,500 metric tons
Consumables 1.2 years
Other systems Gravity Well Generators (4)

  • Medium frigate
  • Heavy cruiser (downscaled)
  • Interdiction
Earliest sighting Battle of Endor
Present for battles/events
  • Battle of Endor
  • R2F 701
  • R2F 702
  • IBG 207
  • R2F 800
  • R2F 801
  • R2F 802
  • R2F 805
  • R2F 904
  • RgF 408
  • R2F 905
  • Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
    Known crewmembers
  • Brendan Fyre, Helmsman
  • 1LT Matthew Fury, Tactical
  • Jacques Johnson, Engineer
  • Grec Tys'ar, Communications
  • Known commander(s) Captian Atril Tabanne

    The Chains of Justice is a Republic Shield SFS Immobilizer 418-class heavy cruiser that is currently assigned to the Greeop Defence Force.

    The Chains of Justice was a standard Interdictor Cruiser under the Empire. After the Battle of Endor, the Chains and her crew defected to New Republic with their ship. The ship's name remaned the same in under the New Republic due to a lack of time to change it. The ship was one of the first Interdictors ever captured by the New Republic. Upon the formation of Retribution Fleet within the Rebel Squadrons it was assigned there to provide Interdictor support. The Chains was assigned to Sentinel Wing and given the rebuilt Shadow Squadron under Commander Brian Neithan for its permanent fighter unit.


    The Chains of Justice

    Part of task force led by the wounded Star Destroyer Prometheus that responded to a distress signal from a freighter convoy in the neutral Vivianas system under Imperial attack was received. Arrived to take part in the counterattack against Imperial forces attacking civilian craft, but was unable to prevent the entire convoy from being destroyed. Local Vivianas defence forces joined with Republic Shield forces in striking back, destroying the Dreadnaught Vibraxo, the Carrack Cruiser Tantis, the modified corvette Evian, and the accompanying Imperial starfighter forces. (R2F701)

    Travelled ahead as part of Republic Shield task force headed by the Star Destroyer Liberator to the base in the Aecreas system, while the Star Destroyer Prometheus remained in the Vivianas system for repairs from the thankful Vivianas governor. Departed with Republic Shield task force, with the Prometheus acting as escort, to the Tricea system, where the task force led by the Star Destroyer Liberator moved onto the planet New Trassk, leaving the Prometheus to return to the Aecreas system. (R2F702)

    Ambushed Imperial forces led by the Victory Star Destroyer Dark Menace, which had been leading attacks against Republic Shield holdings near the planet New Trassk. Powered up its gravity well generators, preventing Imperial forces from escaping the engagement. Republic Shield forces from the vessel would not have been able to hold the Dark Menace for long, but Republic Shield reinforcements led by the Dreadnaught Resurrection arrived to protect the Chains of Justice, and to bombard the Dark Menace into submission. Aided in the destruction of the Victory Star Destroyer Dark Menace and accompanying Imperial forces. (IBG207)

    Arrived at the Rendezvous point for Republic Shield forces before heading out into the Desdemona Sector to investigate reports of missing warships. Part of Sentinel task force led by the Star Destroyer Liberator. Reinforced the Star Destroyer Prometheus’s forces at the rendezvous point, repulsing the Imperial invaders led by the Modified Frigate Pronota. (R2F800)

    Part of Republic Shield patrol led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus in the Desdemona Sector. Came under attack by Imperial forces led by the Strike Cruisers Lightning Dart and Pandora. Supported the Prometheus and Republic Shield forces in routing the Imperial forces, leading to the capture of the Strike Cruiser Lightning Dart, destroying most of the supporting forces, and driving off the rest. (R2F801)

    Part of Republic Shield attack force led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus against the main Imperial fleet stationed in the Desdemona Sector, led by an Imperial Warlord. Arrived first, with the corvette Warder as part of a task force led by the Prometheus, while the Frigate Vespia led a second task force flanking Imperial forces from the other side. The vessel then engaged its interdiction field, preventing withdrawal of Imperial forces, forcing them to battle. The odds stacked against the vessel’s forces improved with the defection of Abandon forces led by the Strike Cruiser Nightshade, who spontaneously attacked Imperial forces, forming a three-way surrounding force pushing inward towards the Warlord’s flagship, the Star Destroyer Indomitable. A concentrated and desperate attack by Imperial forces against the vessel forced it to disengage its gravity well generators and withdraw from the combat zone. Republic Shield and Abandon forces still achieved victory, even with the vessel withdrawn from the engagement. (R2F802)

    Received the Abandon forces’ ambassador from the Frigate Vespia, as the vessel was deemed more secure. The ambassador was sent to the brig, as the Abandon forces were suspected of betraying the Star Destroyer Prometheus to Imperial forces. Part of Republic Shield forces led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus in an assault on the Abandon forces’ main fleet led by the Strike Cruiser Nightshade, suspecting that they had betrayed the Prometheus’s location to Imperial forces. The Abandon forces claimed to know nothing of the allegations, but the point became moot when Imperial forces led by the Frigate Salatum descended on the position and launched an attack on Republic Shield and Abandon forces. Followed the Prometheus and engaged the attacking Imperial forces, with the Frigate Vespia and the Abandon forces, led by the Nightshade. The Imperial Escort Carrier Bertha danced around the fleet, periodically launching Imperial forces and then entering hyperspace briefly before returning to deploy more forces, to completely surround the Abandon and Republic Shield forces. The Imperial forces were eventually beaten back and defeated, and the Abandon forces were viewed with less suspicion as they had battled against the invading Imperial forces, when they could have evened the conflict against Republic Shield forces had they wished to. (R2F805)

    The Chains of Justice

    Part of Republic Shield task force led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus from the edge of the Havion system en route to Ostia VI when the Imperial Interdictor Snare wrenched the task force out of hyperspace, as part of an ambush by Imperial forces led by the Escort Carrier Swarm. Part of Republic Shield forces led by the Prometheus in a clash against the Imperial attackers, quickly turning the ambush around on the Imperial forces. Republic Shield forces bombarded the Escort Carrier Swarm, the Interdictor Snare and the platforms 2A3 and 2A4, disabling the stations and heavily damaging the Imperial command ships. The modified corvette Marauder and the corvette Survivor moved to perform docking operations with the disabled platforms, while Republic Shield forces crushed the remaining Imperial resistance, destroying the Interdictor Snare and the Escort Carrier Swarm before they could limp from the combat zone. The modified corvette Marauder docked with the platform 2A3 while the corvette Survivor docked with the platform 2A4. Republic Shield forces patrolled the area while both corvettes successfully captured the Imperial stations. Helped co-ordinate security of the area while the captured outposts could be properly secured. (R2F904)

    After helping secure the Imperial outposts captured by Republic Shield forces led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus, the vessel was requested by the General Cable to reinforce Republic Shield forces to assist in their campaign against the Zodiac Battle Fleet. Led Republic Shield forces in a trap against elements of the Zodiac Battle Fleet. Waited some distance beyond the Escort Carrier Gemini, which was evacuated, as well as sounding a wide-band distress signal to attract Imperial forces, as the Escort Carrier was surrounded by a minefield deployed by the transports Sentry L and Sentry R. As Imperial forces led by the Dreadnaught Aries and backed up by the Frigate Virgo entered the area and began an assault intending to reclaim the wayward Escort Carrier, the vessel activated its interdiction field, trapping Imperial forces in the area, while remaining out of reach of the Imperial command ships. Republic Shield forces tangled with the trapped Imperial forces, harassing the Aries and Virgo, and curtailing their reclamation and superiority efforts. However, the vessel was unexpectedly engaged by transport group Dornar, which were pulled out of hyperspace close to the vessel, and which quickly took advantage of the vessel’s isolation by bombarding the vessel with relative impunity. The vessel held off the attacking transports while Republic Shield forces successfully destroyed the Imperial Dreadnaught and frigate. However the victory was short-lived, as Imperial reinforcements arrived and shook up the triumphant forces. The Calamari Cruiser Sagittarius raked the vessel with its weapons, forcing the vessel to deactivate its interdiction field and withdraw from the combat zone, whilst the Victory Star Destroyer Leo scattered Republic Shield forces and directly engaged the Gemini, to the Escort Carrier’s demise. Successfully withdrew from the combat zone, after suffering severe damage. (RgF408)

    Returned to Republic Shield forces led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus stationed near the newly captured Imperial outpost, situated somewhere along the route between Havion system and Ostia VI. Facilitated a Republic Shield ambush led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus against an Imperial task force led by the Star Destroyer Impeccable. Republic Shield forces led by the Dreadnaught Cybrus engaged the Imperial task force and lured it to the vessel’s location, where Republic Shield forces were lying in wait for the vessel to engage its interdiction field and trap the Imperial task force. The Dreadnaught Cybrus and the Strike Cruiser Hammer of Justice, heavily battered from engaging Imperial forces, entered the area with the Imperial task force in fast pursuit. The vessel activated its interdiction field, forcing the Star Destroyer Impeccable’s task force out of hyperspace a fair distance from the captured stations. Imperial and Republic Shield forces joined in battle, Imperial forces attempting to disable the vessel’s interdiction field while Republic Shield forces attempted to destroy the Imperial task force. Both sides took damage, with the Dreadnaught Cybrus falling to Imperial fire. After taking fairly severe losses, Republic Shield forces were able to spare the vessel from destruction and gradually destroy the Imperial task force through attrition. The corvettes Quapaw I and Quapaw II fell in defence of the Star Destroyer Impeccable, which proved to be in vain as the Impeccable and its support Frigate Gegenschein took on heavy damage. In the midst of the Imperial defeat, the shuttle Bur'kla launched from the beleaguered Impeccable and attempted to make a run from the combat zone. Republic Shield forces swiftly intercepted and destroyed the shuttle then concentrated their forces against the Impeccable and Gegenschein, destroying them both. The Imperial task force was defeated, with Republic Shield forces sustaining widespread damage. (R2F905)


    Behind the Scenes

    The Chains of Justice

    The Chains was one of the four ships that were transfered to the Patriot Battle Fleet with Retribution Wing, along with the Prometheus, Angelfire and 'sister' ship Hammer of Justice.

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