Cheap Trick

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Assault Gunboat.jpg
Cheap Trick
Production information
Class Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing
Modified by Joshua Hawkins
Technical specifications
Length 10 meters
Width 15.1 meters
Height/depth 7.2 meters
Maximum speed (space) 90 MGLT
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 1,050 km/h
Engine unit(s) 2 Cygnus 4K7 Dual Line ion engines
Hyperdrive system Cygnus HD7 hyperdrive motivator
Power plant

Iotek ionization reactor

Iotek 9j ion power cells
Shielding Forward/Rear Projecting Cygnus 4K7 Novaldex Shields
Hull Quadanium Steel Armoured Titanium Hull
Navigation system SFS N-s8.6 Navcon computer system

Taim & Bak KX5 laser cannons (2)
Borstel NK-3 ion cannons (2)
SFS M-s3 projectile launchers (2)

8 concussion missiles (standard load
Crew 1
Cargo capacity 100 kilograms
Consumables 3 Days
Role(s) Personal Fighter
Known owner(s) Joshua Hawkins
Known commander(s) Joshua Hawkins

Cheap Trick is the personal fighter of Joshua Hawkins. He left his homeworld of Derra IV with this ship in an effort to join his brother Steve Hawkins and the Rebel Squadrons. Below is the transcript of how this gunboat came to be part of the Rebel Squadrons.

Document #592TR Intel document. Cleared for public release. Names changed to protect sources. Begin document.

Sources tell me there was a few new acquisitions to the Empires array of fighters. Seems the Empire deemed it necessary to send us 5 assault gunboats. Having seen one already flying around my home world of Derra IV, it came as no surprise when 4 more showed up. Looks like we got their attention, one of my friends mentioned. Indeed we did, but how to turn this into our advantage I wondered.

The answer came one day as I was fixing a hologram generator. Having already seen the layout of the hanger, it was relatively easy to get in there, but how to get a gunboat out of the hanger and without detection is the question.

Sources gave me the uniform and access codes for a poor departed soul who worked in the hangar bay. Having learned the roles most of them play I decided to look a little more into this, just to see if there were going to be any hang-ups.

Only hang-up I found was getting the AG out of the hangar bay. The Empire didn't consider us a complete problem yet, they still only had one camera in the bay, odd I thought, there must be other means of protecting this bay. Not finding anything apparent in my initial observations I decided it was time to play the role of a worker and find out just what I'm dealing with.

After a couple weeks of playing the role I got everything I needed to know, locations of troops, supplies, tools, and security codes so I can do maintenance on the fighters. Maintenance consisted of one of the newer AGs they had, in an effort to tweak the transponder codes, I also came across a few weapons in the storage compartments.

Getting an idea, I finished up my work and headed back to my workshop so I could retrieve my hologram generator, a few tools, and some sheet metal. I always did like blowing things up, and here was no exception.

Setting up my hologram projector to fool the camera, I created a hologram of the hangar bay to switch on as soon as I left it, that way the image will be accurate and the computer or whoever is watching the camera at the time won't notice me walking back in.

Building a couple sheet metal boxes just big enough to fit in the storage compartment of the other AGs and a couple TIEs they had, I fitted these boxes with as much explosives as I could. From what little I found around, and knowing I didn't have clearance to get more I had to pick my targets carefully. I found enough to do 6 ships total, and a little extra to secure my escape.

Having worked on this one particular AG for so long I named her Cheap Trick, I figured it was fitting especially after what I was doing. As I thought, it was only a matter of time before someone finally turned on a camera and looked at the hangar bay. Fortunate for me the night shift isn't that observant, so I got a lot of work done before the regular patrols came through. I covered the generator in the corner behind a pile of scrap metal and other junk which needed to be removed at some point, I tidied up around the bay making sure no one could suspect anything. Having finished up here I decided it was time I take my leave of my home world.

Leaving the hangar bay, I went back to my home to pack a few things and tidy up loose ends. Selling all I could, and trading the rest for what I needed I looked a strange site coming into the hangar bay the next day. Still playing the role of mechanic I told my superiors I was moving and asked if I could leave a few things in the corner of the bay, out of the way of course.

"As long as it doesn't interfere with your or anyone else's duties, it is fine," they told me.

"Fools," I thought

No matter, soon as the day shift ended I put in a couple extra hours making modifications to Cheap Trick, Laughing to myself knowing she will be mine shortly. I placed all I could into the storage compartments and readied her for flight. I again, setup the hologram projector to play to the camera. This time I placed a couple of small fuel cells around a couple fighters in hopes that they would blow up and do some damage.

Soon as I opened the hangar bay door the alarms would go off. Confident I tweaked the transponder codes enough that they won't find me, I set to turn on the engines and ready her for flight.

As stated earlier, I love to blow things up, and now I get to. Climbing into the cockpit, I opened the bay doors and set the charges to explode in 20 seconds. Didn't give my much time, but with all that commotion going on they will be hard pressed to fly after me. Pressing the buttons on the remote detonator, then pressing the in flight controls for the hangar bay doors, I took off into the night with a blazing fireball behind me.

They soon realized what happened of course, and went looking for information. My sources knew what happened, but they were well paid and close friends, so I knew I was safe. Shame though, the AGs could have been fun to steal and use against the empire. What still bothers me is, it was too easy. It should not have been that easy. So having stopped on a remote moon, I gave her a once over and removed anything that shouldn't have been there, like codes, tracking devices, etc. Confident the Empire won't find me, I took off in search of my brother.

I did manage to stop at a small base of smugglers, so they could give her a thorough check. Cost me a few credits, but I had heard of them and knew they did good work for a price. Confident in they're work, and surprised they noticed my enhancements, they told me the transponder codes are gone, and there is no way the empire or anyone can track her. Having paid them a little extra just to be sure they were happy and wouldn't sell me out, they were glad to see me off.

To be safe, I did take the vector less travelled and avoided any imperial convoys, just in case. Winding up in the Greeop Sector and knowing it would take a while for news to travel that quickly, I set out to find my brother and make Cheap Trick completely mine. With my brothers help we have modified it with floating transponder codes. Though I will be putting in a real code for the RS at some point, just in case.

She's not much to look at, but she's mine.
Cheap Trick.jpg

End document.