Chris Horn "Kicks"

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Member Profile
Chris Horn
Career Information
Callsign Kicks
Full RS Name Chris Horn "Kicks"
Rank General
Join 29 December 2001
Current Status Active
Current Station Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Redemption
Other Current Positions
Past Positions of note
Personal Information (fictional)
Species Human
Gender Male
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location Illinois
Age 33

General Chris Horn "Kicks", Dagger 9, joined the RS on December 29, 2001. In the past he was a long tier member of the IBG and devoted pilot who has served as the IBG XO, not to mention several other command positions including Dagger CO.

Dagger squadron is one of the most feared squadrons in the galaxy even after the merger of the IBG and RgF. Several members of Dagger were split into different squadrons following the merger.

Kicks has been with the RS over 9 years now, serving in the IBG, RgF, VSG and Vanguard Wing (SWG).

Curently Kicks is still a member of Dagger but now in the VSG. Dagger is still one of the best squadrons to fly XWA.

Kicks is currently Dagger 9 and helps build the RS' custom missions for XWA.