Colonel (A-wing)

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Production information
Class RZ-1 A-wing interceptor
Modified by Adam Mieter
Technical specifications
Length 9.6 meters
Width 6.48 meters
Height/depth 3.11 meters
Maximum speed (space) 130 MGLT
Maximum speed (atmosphere) 1400 km/h
Engine unit(s) Novaldex J-77 "Event Horizon" V8 modified twin engines
Hyperdrive rating Class 1.0
Hyperdrive system Incom GBk-785 hyperdrive unit
Power plant MPS Bpr-99 A.M. modified fusion reactor
Shielding Sirplex Z-9 deflector shield projector (50 SBD)
Hull Titanium alloy frame and durasteel outer hull (15 RU)
Sensor systems Fabritech ANs-7e sensor unit with PA-94 long range phased tachyon detection array and PG-7u short range primary threat analysis grid
Targeting systems Fabritech ANq 3.6 target tracker, IN-3444-B Sightline modified holographic crosshairs
Navigation system Microaxial LpL-449 navigational computer (2 jump range)
Avionics Torplex Rq9.Z

  • Miradyne 4x-Phantom jammer
  • Chaff and flare launcher

  • Borstel RG-9 laser cannons (2)
  • Dymek HM-6 concussion missile launcher (2) - 6 missiles each
Crew Pilot (1)
Passengers Pilot only
Cargo capacity 40 kilograms
Consumables 1 week
Other systems Boring Empire II entertaining system which includes "FaZaH music player" and "Pazaak World v2.12"
Role(s) Interceptor

  • New Republic
  • Rebel Squadrons Task Force
Known owner(s) Rebel Squadrons Task Force
Known crewmembers Adam Mieter

For other uses, see Colonel (disambiguation).

Accessing HoloLog Data...

!!! WARNING !!!
This HoloLog is just a fragment of a larger one. It will take time to complete this log, please be patient.

The Colonel is the first fully operational and ready to battle starfighter that gives space-home to Adam Mieter. The really first, but only half-operational fighter was an old Z-95, which was repaired by Adam in his childhood. When the former Tatooine citizen joined the Rebellion, he took one souvenir from his old and rusty "buddy": a Boring Empire II in-flight entertaining system (how he got that is another - rather long - story...). When Adam first sent in a petition to his Fleet Admiral, in which he asked his superiors to grant him right modifying his craft, the petition was rejected. But after Mieter's A-wing became a public entertaining center amongst half of the fleet's pilots, the Admiral granted the requested right to Adam (and, strangely enough, the Admiral's personal quarter was always empty each standard day for a minimum of 1 and a half hour).

Flown Missions

  • Battle of Blerthmore
  • A couple of older and recent recon missions
  • A lot of battle missions (most of them were completed in Mieter's former duty place - CRS Liberty)

Neutralized enemies (in service of the RSTF)

  • CN/D Pronged: 12
  • ZeroG Utility: 2
  • Heavy Lifter: 3
  • Mine Type 1: 20
  • Cloakshape Fighter: 9
  • Gunboat: 2
  • R-41 Starchaser: 9
  • Planetary Fighter: 1
  • Preybird Fighter: 5
  • Z-95 Headhunter: 3
  • TIE Fighter: 18
  • TIE Bomber: 19
  • TIE Interceptor: 2
  • TIE Advanced: 2
  • TIE Defender: 6
  • Assault Gunboat: 21
  • Escort Shuttle: 4
  • Lambda Shuttle: 3
  • Stormtrooper Transport: 2
  • Gun Platform: 1
  • Asteroid Laser Battery: 1
  • New Laser Battery: 2
  • Modified Corvette: 3
  • Victory-II Star Destroyer: 1 (gave the final, lethal shot to the ship)

All of this data can be viewed in the Missions Database. Note: counted up to 307A.