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Conceptual formation of 'Task Force Republic Shield' by military officials in the New Republic. Approved by Admiral Ackbar, resources organised and plans developed for the actualisation of the concept. Prime directive: to serve as a buffer for the New Republic from the Rim-based Imperial factions, specifically the faction based out of the Aurora Sector, and controlling the Binaural, Cegul and Tarla Sectors.



Task Force Republic Shield established in the Greeop Sector. Over the greater part of a year the task force establishes its presence in the sector and gradually builds itself into a military unit capable of directly engaging the Imperial menace.



Imperial forces boldly attempt to spread their influence into the Minos Cluster. Task Force Republic Shield oppose them, and participate in their first major military conflict. (Minos Conflict)



Task Force Republic Shield is victorious in the Minos Cluster, defeating the impressive Imperial forces in a closely-matched military campaign. The task force establishes itself as a dominant force to be reckoned with in the fringe Outer Rim territories, and through the conflict and subsequent victory earns the nickname 'Rebel Squadrons'. (Minos Conflict)

Despite the major victory, Imperial insurgent forces remain hidden in the cluster, and launch hit-and-fade attacks at the victors, supported and supplied from their home territories. (PBF Tour 1)



Imperial forces finally acknowledge the threat of the RS task force and skirmish with RS forces on the Greeop Sector border. (R2F Tour 4)

In the Minos Cluster, RS forces continue to root out Imperial insurgents. (PBF Tour 1)



Desite the increasing threats of the Imperial forces in the Minos Cluster (or perhaps because of this fact), all RS outposts in the cluster are abandoned. RS forces continue to battle with Imperial forces, which have brought to bear a proper starfleet from their home territories to destroy the RS forces. (PBF Tour 2)

RS forces weather the Imperial attacks against the Greeop Sector outskirts. (R2F Tour 4)



While the balance of power in the Minos Cluster shifts back and forth between the RS and Imperial forces (PBF Tour 2, PBF Tour 3), Imperial opportunists continue to harass the Greeop Sector border. (R2F Tour 5)

Hoping to catch the RS off-guard with the continued conflict in the Minos Cluster, Imperial forces launch an invasion of the Cadrel Expanse. However, despite the continued events in the Minos Cluster and the fight on their doorstep, the RS moves to deny the Cadrel Expanse to the invading Imperial forces. (Outer Rim War)



As the Cadrel Expanse conflict rages (Outer Rim War), and RS forces struggle for dominance of the Minos Cluster (PBF Tour 3), RS forces successfully repel the Imperial forces on the Greeop Sector border. (R2F Tour 5)

With the campaign in the Cadrel Expanse campaign proceeding well, RS forces probe the nearby Tarla Sector, searching for hidden Imperial outposts. (IBG Tour 0 / Operation: Blade)

RS interest in the Tarla Sector intensifies when an RS vessel is lost while responding to an alien distress signal. (RgF Tour 1)



The Cadrel Expanse comes under almost total RS control, bar one impregnable Imperial system, as the RS achieve another significant victory, defeating the Imperial forces vying for the cluster. (Outer Rim War)

The Minos Cluster's fate is not as certain, as RS forces struggle to contend with the Imperial forces arrayed against them. (PBF Tour 3)

On the homefront, RS forces successfully defeat opportunistic Imperial forces that slipped through the lines to harass the Greeop Sector outskirts. (R2F Tour 5)

The RS investigation of the Tarla Sector intensifies, as resistance forces from an Imperial-occupied world in the sector plead for liberation (RgF Tour 1), however these efforts are complicated by the underestimation of the Imperial presence in the sector: a Super Star Destroyer, with accompanying starfleet, is discovered during a botched RS raid, forcing elements of the RS fleet to retreat to safer holdings while reinforcements can be summoned (IBG Tour 0 / Operation: Blade). The campaign for the liberation of the alien world proceeds, but more cautiously, now that there is a Super Star Destroyer and known fleet to evade. (RgF Tour 1)

Along with the peripheral liberation objectives, the RS decide to eliminate the threat of the enemy Super Star Destroyer, if possible, with the primary goal of destroying the major Imperial shipyards of Tarla Minor. (IBG Tour 1)

In the recently conquered territory of the Cadrel Expanse, RS forces occupy the territory, to establish a more firm presence, and to destroy any activities of the barricaded Imperial threat that seemed semi-contained for the time being. (R2F Tour 6)



RS forces in the Minos Cluster are triumphant, annihilating much of the enemy fleet, and driving the remnants from the cluster. In theme with the abandonment of RS outposts in the Minos Cluster, the standing forces withdraw back to home territories, too, for redeployment. (PBF Tour 3)

In the Tarla Sector, the operations proceed successfully, with the liberation of the Imperial-occupied world of T'Ser and the T'Seran people (RgF Tour 1), along with the razing of an Imperial shipyards facility, and a sabotage and destruction of another Super Star Destroyer undergoing construction there. (IBG Tour 1)

In the Cadrel Expanse, RS forces tangle with forces that breach the Imperial containment zone and run amok, successfully luring RS forces into a devastating ambush. RS forces are victorious, but barely survive the battle. (R2F Tour 6)

Further afield, the Independent Ynian Fleet, a resistance group from the Ynia Cluster request and receive military support to help contest the Imperial forces occupying the region. (Operation: Zodiac)



The Imperial forces in the Tarla Sector are harassed and worn down by the continued assaults and activities of the RS Tarla Strike Force, with the Tarla Minor system defences razed, paving the way for an assault on the Tarla Minor Shipyards themselves. (IBG tour 1)

With the Tarla Sector almost under RS control, shipping interdiction and patrols are set up to search any vessels which might be assisting the Imperial war effort. (RgF Tour 2)

RS forces stationed in the Cadrel Expanse succeed in driving out some escaped Imperial forces, however they successfully fall back to the populated Osiris Sector, and begin fortifying the sector, occupying the civilian worlds to fund their defensive measures.

And in the Ynia Cluster, RS and IYF forces plan their continued disruption of Imperial control of the region.



The Imperial bastion of power in the Tarla Sector is broken, as RS forces raze the Tarla Minor Shipyards, destroying all defending forces, and then proceed to track and bombard into oblivion the enemy Super Star Destroyer. (IBG Tour 1)

However, some hidden elements seem to remain, as RS forces interdict munitions supplies being shipped by pirates to Imperial forces. RS forces launch undercover operations to deliver the shipments, in an effort to trace the guerrilla Imperial forces back to their hidden outpost. (RgF Tour 2)

RS forces move to deny Imperial forces the industrious Osiris Sector, and clash in the territory, hoping to unhinge the Imperial hold on the region. (R2F Tour 7) To this end, RS forces proceed to establish an outpost on the edge of the sector. (IBG Tour 2)

In the Ynia Cluster, the guerrilla war against the occupying Imperial forces continues. (Operation: Zodiac)

On the homefront, RS forces detect an Imperial shipping lane in the Halas Sector, uncomfortably close to the Greeop Sector, and move to investigate and hamper Imperial efforts. (PBF Tour 4)



The situation in the Halas Sector became more complicated, with the arrival of a pirate faction known as the White Guard, who initially help RS forces assault the Imperial incursion forces, but who eventually betray and attacked the RS once the Imperial forces are cowed. It is eventually revealed that the Imperial forces were in the Halas Sector to exact revenge on the treacherous White Guard, who consist of ex-Imperial deserters with maniacal aspirations of conquering both Imperial and RS forces alike and ruling the Outer Rim. (PBF Tour 4) In response to the betrayal, RS forces launch an undercover operation to infiltrate the White Guard and attack them from within. (Paladin Tour 1)

In the Tarla Sector, RS forces continue their undercover investigation into the hidden Imperial base (RgF Tour 2), while in the Osiris Sector, RS forces continue the establishment of New Trassk Base. (IBG Tour 2)

RS forces continued to support the Ynian resistance forces undermine local Imperial control in their bid for freedom. (Operation: Zodiac)

In the Osiris Sector, RS forces succeed in dislodging the Imperial occupation of the sector, with only fleeing remnants to chase or crush further. (R2F Tour 7)

And in an extremely bold move, RS forces attack the final bastion of Imperial power in the Cadrel Expanse, and use it as a beachhead for a major incursion into the Binaural Sector, conquering territory as they went with Imperial forces barely able to slow the invading forces down. (Outer Rim War II)



In another landmark victory, RS forces completely conquer the Binaural Sector, wiping out any semblance of resistance in the sector, destroying, capturing or driving off any Imperial survivors. (Outer Rim War II)

RS undercover forces deepen their infiltration of the White Guard in the Halas Sector and Enomea Rim (Paladin Tour 1), while standard RS forces clash with the White Guard fleet, pushing steadily through White Guard territory. (PBF Tour 4)

The hunt for Imperial forces in the Osiris Sector slows, as any surviving forces remain hidden from the searching forces (R2F Tour 7). The RS outpost of the sector, New Trassk Base, is more firmly established, with a permanent RS presence intended to be centred around it. (IBG Tour 2)

And in the Tarla Sector, undercover RS forces continue their investigations attempting to locate the hidden Imperial outpost. (RgF Tour 2)



The Imperial occupation of the Ynia Cluster ends, as the war against RS and IYF forces is unsustainable due to the disruption of Imperial supply lines through the Minos Cluster by RS forces previously. The Imperial occupation fleet withdraws, liberating the Ynian people. Their job done, RS forces return home for reassignment (Operation: Zodiac)

In the Tarla Sector, RS forces searching for hidden Imperial forces successfully disrupt an Imperial supply line. (RgF Tour 2)

In the Enomea Rim, the White Guard are defeated from within by undercover means (Paladin Tour 1), and in open battle by RS forces (PBF Tour 4). RS forces, having ended the menace in the Enomea Rim and Halas Sector, prepare to return home for redeployment.

The Osiris Sector is the location of a fair amount of action, as RS recon forces stumble into an ambush on the sector outskirts, which they foil (IBG Tour 2). And Imperial forces hidden in the sector are routed by RS forces, despite dangerously incompetent leadership who is soon removed from command (R2F Tour 7).



In the Osiris Sector, RS forces defend a Rolian ambassador under attack by Rolian militants. The attack is thwarted, and planning for the evacuation of the Rolian population occurs, as their star is expected to supernova.

RS forces are assigned to the Cadrel Expanse to curb Imperial preying on civilian shipping along the trade routes (PBF Tour 5).

In the Tarla Sector, RS efforts to wipe out surviving Imperial insurgents proceed well, as a Star Destroyer is isolated and destroyed. A civilian supply depot is defended during an RS resupply operation. Despite the successful defence, the station is wiped out in a retaliation strike by Imperial forces once the RS forces move on. (RgF Tour 2)



RgF211 (ends)

R2F800 - 801 (starts)

RgF301 - 302 (starts)

PBF503 - 504

IBG302 - 305 (starts)



RgF303 - 304 (comment on RgF305 - 309, too)

IBG306 (ends)

IBG401 - 403 (begins) (comment on IBG404-406, too)

R2F802 - 804 (comment on R2F805 and 806, too)

PBF505 - 508



R2F807 (long gap, dark time of major losses)

IBG407 - 409 (ends)


PBF509 - 512 (ends)



PBF601 (begins)

RgF311 - 312 (ends)

RgF401 (begins)

IBG501 - 504 (begins)




R2F808 - 809 (ends)

RgF402 - 403

IBG505 - 506




R2F900 - 901 (begins)

PBF605 - 607

IBG507 - 508



IBG509 (ends)

R2F902 - 903

PBF608 - 610




RgF405 - 408

PBF611 - 612 (ends)

IBG601 - 602 (begins)



R2F905 (ends)

RgF409 - 410

PBF701 - 702 (begins, with reinforcements transferred to them)

IBF603 - 604

RID001 - 002 (begins, if real)



IBG605 (ends)

RgF411 - 412 (ends)

RID003 - 004 (ends)

VSG/RID101 (begins), Dragon201 (begins)

PBF703 - 706 / Gold201 - Gold203 (investigation into espionage begins)

RS begins post-Blerthmore recovery efforts



VSG/RID/CD102 - Dragon201 - 103 - Subterrel1 (begins)

Gold204 (investigation ends) / PBF707 - 708



Cegul Sector defection

complete RS withdrawal from the Tarla Sector

Halberd Incident

Binaural Sector abandonment

Trebonious-Astoris assassination attempt in the Cadrel Expanse


PBF709 - 711



New Trassk Incident

Caelum Incident

PBF712 and MIG to GDF (ends)

Move to Tarsonis from Blerthmore

GDF101 (begins)





Battle of Pyaimm