Crusader Wing

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Crusader Wing is home to three squads in the PBF. They are Sabre, Crimson, and Gold.

The Historical Crusader Fleet

Originally, Crusader Wing was a Fleet in its own right. Crusader Fleet was the home to players of the Macintosh edition of X-Wing, and contained squadrons such as Stealth, Wildcard, and Delta, among others. It was created in mid-1996, under the command of then Rear Admiral WegAntiles. It began small, as Stealth Squadron, but rapidly expanded first to be called Stealth Wing, and shortly thereafter to its final form as Crusader Fleet. It contained two wings: Stealth and Kalidor. In February or March of 1998 it was rolled into the PBF and made a Wing due to lack of Macintosh-only X-Wing players.

The CO's of Crusader Fleet