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The Rebel Squadrons' role playing division is the Allegiance Battle Group. They use some elements of the this system, but mainly use the older D6 Roleplaying system.

A D20 System Force Witch


In 2000, Wizards of the Coast obtained the rights to the Star Ware Roleplaying game. Having already gained the rights to such classics as Dungeons and Dragons, they set out to create a newer version of the D&D system (3rd edition) that could also encompass their entire line of products beyond D&D. The D20 system was born. Using the 20 sided dice as it's mainstay, this system was meant to replace the older D6 version of the SWRPG.

The initial products in the D20 line were beautifully laid out with full color artwork, but failed to go "above and beyond" in terms of content, as the D6 materials had. The rules were also radically different, meaning that many longtime SWRPG gamers didn't wish to transfer to this new way of playing. Also, with the large amount of homebrewed D6 materials already on the net, people didn't quite make the jump. While interesting (and with guides stretching farther into the EU), many people were quick take the pictures and information in the D20 guides and find ways to convert it to the older D6 system. The rulebook was revised in 2002 along with a revision to the D&D and core WotC games, but this still failed to spark major interest.

As of now, WotC is no longer producing future Star Ware Role Playing materials, although they do have a successful line of Star Wars miniatures and a "semi RP" miniature game that can be played with them. These miniatures make a good edition to a tabletop game, but aren't of much use to the internet RPer.


An assorted cast of D20 characters
  • The Official WotC SWRPG Site: They still keep in touch with their fans, although there are no plans to publish new guides or books at the moment. They do still post a few things via the net, though
  • Official WotC SWRPG Boards: You can beg them to publish new stuff here, or discuss with your fellow RPers how to force them to make new materials
  • General D20 Information: Includes classes, species, and a listing of the products that WotC put out
  • Amazon: They still have a lot of the products in stock
  • Do or Dice: Another good site to find D20 stuff
  • Ebay: Find used copies of all the D20 stuff here

  • Also, note that a lot of the resources listed in the D6 Roleplaying section also have things for the D20 system, just not as wide a variety