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Golan III Space Defence Station.jpg
Production information
Class Golan III Space Defense NovaGun
Technical specifications
Length 2600 meters
Shielding 8000 SBD
Hull 3040 RU
Earliest sighting IBG 109
Destroyed IBG 109
Present for battles/events IBG 109
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Imperial outpost.


Republic Shield forces lured to the area by the survivors of the Jardal pirates, who were all but annihilated in a previous encounter with the group, after it became known that they were working for Imperial forces. Ambush of Republic Shield forces failed when the communication satellites jamming transmissions were destroyed, allowing Republic Shield reinforcements led by the Calamari Cruiser Rebel Fist to arrive and turn the tide of the battle. Defensive forces were not enough to drive the invading forces off. Destroyed by Republic Shield forces. (IBG109)


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