Daemon Jorval

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Colonel, Former PBF CO, Former Hope Wing CO.

Jorval was a hot-tempered and sarcastic member who was active for several years, culminating in 2000-2001. He served as an officer in the Tie Undergraduate program in the Academy under the caring direction of one Kaz Falcion, helping people to learn to fly TIE in preparation for service in Retribution Fleet, as well as being trained in the ways of subtle insults. He later rose to command Hope Wing, where he impressed the PBF command staff with his intelligent comments and biting sarcasm. When MGN GAdRS was fired by FC Dave Trebonious-Astoris for refusal to comply with technological changes taking place in the RS, Jorval was appointed as PBF CO in his place. He served as PBF CO from October 2000 to March 2001, after which he resigned to serve his country in war. He is currently inactive and on reserve duty, but is remembered for his temperamental disposition.

Past Positions