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XQ6 Space Platform.jpg
Production information
Class XQ6 Space Platform
Technical specifications
Length 936 meters
Width 1,001 meters
Height/depth 414 meters
Shielding 2560 SBD
Hull 1216 RU
Earliest sighting RgF 301
Destroyed RgF 301
Present for battles/events RgF 301
Affiliation New Repubic

New Republic supply platform, based in the Meridian Cluster.


Came under attack by Imperial forces led by the Victory Star Destroyer Desperado. Sent out a distress call which was intercepted by the Republic Shield vessel Ad Astra, which launched reinforcements to reach the area and contest the Imperial attack forces. Shield systems had already been knocked offline by the time Republic Shield forces arrived to engage the Desperado’s forces. The final wave of reinforcements, led by the Strike Cruiser Kayak, which ultimately drove the Desperado off, arrived too late to save the platform. Destroyed by Imperial forces. (RgF301)


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