Damon Lightwind

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Damon Lightwind
Biographical information
Homeworld Corellia
Date of birth (28 years old)


  • Cameron(Brother)
  • James(Father/MIA)
  • Marissa(Mother/MIA)
  • Alyssa(Sister/MIA)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5ft 11In
Weight 185lb
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye colorHazel
Distinguishing features

Full Scruffy Beard

At times
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Associations Lightwind Family Transport Group
Ranks General


  • Honorary High Command
  • Chief Recruiting Officer
  • Academy New Members Dept. XO
  • Academy Primary Instructor (Beginner's Path)

General Damon Lightwind, Red 3, has served in the RS since Jan 23, 2005.

Damon is the current Fleet Commander. He flew with Sabre Squadron and currently flies with Red Squadron. He is considered by his Red Squad mates to be a tactical genius, with the ability to break apart any mission for complete success.

He is also responsible for summoning back the current Logistics Officer. Thanks or curses for this should be directed to Damon.


  • Current rank: General, PBF/PSG Legend
  • Position: Red 3, RS
  • Starfighter: B-Wing Triple Theat


Squadrons Past:

  • Sabre Squadron (PBF/PSG)
  • Red Squadron (PBF/PSG)

Current Squadron:

  • Red Squadron (PBF/PSG)

Command Positions Held Includes the following:

Former Positions:

  • RS Alderman - HC
  • RSA New Members Dept. CO
  • RS Chief Recruiting Officer - RS Recruiting Office
  • RSA New Members Dept. XO
  • RSA Primary Instructor (Beginner's Path)
  • RS Assistant Platform Coordinator - X-Wing/TIE
  • Crusader Wing XO
  • Crusader Wing SO
  • Crusader Wing Acting SO
  • Red Squadron CO
  • Red Squadron SO
  • Sabre Squadron XO
  • Sabre Squadron SO

Current Positions: