Darik Klivan

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Darik "Deuce" Klivan
Biographical information
Homeworld Corellia
Date of birth 12:02:27 (34 Years Old)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.88 metres
Weight 77 kilograms
Hair color Black
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
OOC note: This character is played by Sienn Sconn.

NRI Dossier #6338247113 Darik "Deuce" Klivan

NRI Status: Retainer agent (plea bargain; on retainer with NRI in exchange for removal of certain outstanding warrants)

NRI Background information

(required reading for all agents coming in contact with aforementioned)

Not to be confused with famed Rogue Squadron pilot Derek "Hobbie" Klivian. Klivan is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. He is marksman rated with any number of pistols and laser weapons, and favors the BlasTech DL-18 pistol, which he generally keeps in a shoulder holster under his right arm. On his right hip he generally wears a BlasTech DL-44, New Republic issue. Klivan is a formidable melee combat opponent, and his New Republic service records include a combat instructor rating, the position he doubled in during his time with Silver Squadron. Klivan is an ace pilot and checks out to fly any number of Imperial and Rebel craft, as well as several civilian freighters and transports. His last known IFF profile reads to be the YT-2400 Mistress of Coins. Darik Klivan is a notorious drunkard, smuggler and thief. Only agents who have received written permission from their regional director should attempt to approach Klivan.

Addendum, Gen. Airen Cracken: Klivan is believed by reliable sources to have possible latent Jedi abilities. This is yet unconfirmed as he refuses to submit to a test. However, observation shows that he may or may not have telekinetic abilities, some precognitive abilities, and NRI is fairly certain he can instinctively astronavigate, though we are unsure whether or not his is from his experience in space travel or an actual Jedi talent.

Addendum, Gen. Crix Madine: I served with Klivan under the Emperor. He is an extremely formidable ground opponent who easily qualified to serve in my Storm Commandos. He is a three time Imperial TIE Corps hand-to-hand champion in his weight class and twice the New Republic Starfighter Corps champion. In an attempt to apprehend, it is recommended that at least two full teams of agents approach him, with a third team held back in contingency. This may seem like a waste of manpower, but I’ve personally witnessed a thoroughly drunk Klivan fight his way through three full teams of Imperial stormtroopers, unarmed, when they tried to take him to the brig of the ISD Relentless. The only reason that he finally WAS apprehended was because he stopped to vomit and was knocked unconscious by the butt of a sidearm.

Service Record

  • Graduated, Imperial TIE academy, Corellia.
  • Assigned to Tempest Squadron, ISD Relentless, commissioned to Second Lieutenant
  • Earned Corellian Bloodstripes while in Imperial Service.
  • Imperial Record shows multiple citations for bravery cancelled out by multiple reprimands for drunk and disorderly conduct
  • Imperial Service Medals include Hero of the Empire and full combat and training certificates. NRI statistic: roughly 9% of Imperial pilots achieve full certificates in both combat and flight. Current holders in New Republic service include the late Biggs Darklighter and Soontir Fel. Several members of the Rebel Squadrons have this combat rating including Richard Gross, Sienn Sconn and Tyrell Borran.
  • Transferred to Black Hand Squadron, ISD Relentless, following decommissioning of Tempest Squadron after the Battle of Ottega.
  • Went AWOL from Imperial service sometime just after Battle of Hoth.
  • Joined and performed several missions on retainer with the Fourth Special Services Division of Kaerion’s Kestrels.
  • Resurfaced, enlisted with New Republic Starfighter Corps, approximately 2 weeks prior to the Battle of Endor.
  • Graduated, New Republic Starfighter Academy, commissioned to Flight Officer
  • Assigned to Red Squadron to replace losses at Endor
  • Served, Bakura. Awarded the Kalidor Crescent for his performance at Bakura, promoted to Lieutenant.
  • Service Reprimand: drunken brawl with members of Gold Squadron during post-Bakura festivities. 8 members of Gold Squadron hospitalized including Gold’s CO and XO. From reports, Klivan took on the majority of the hospitalized pilots by himself after remarkable provocation from members of Gold Squadron. No further punishment recommended.
  • Transferred to Silver Squadron following Bakura
  • Service Citation: Extreme foresight in the heat of battle serving in the Outer Rim on counter-insurgency and anti-smuggling operations.
  • Assigned as Silver XO.
  • Service Citation: Valorous conduct during a mission went awry: followed two damaged pilots to the ground and personally assured their safety, saving the lives of Flight Officers Karandan and Sergo, both Silver Squadron pilots.
  • Offered Blade Squadron CO position
  • Accepts Blade CO, transferred.
  • Promoted to Brevet Captain
  • Blade Squadron receives unit commendation for outstanding valor.
  • Court-Martial: Klivan is brought up on charges of rape and murder when the body of Linn Leiv, his Sullustian XO is found hidden in Blade’s hangar bay. DNA evidence exonerates Klivan but the taint on his record causes him to accept a discharge.
  • Klivan turns to a life of smuggling (See outstanding warrants below)
  • Klivan is captured when he checks into a Bakuran hospital to be treated for severe internal injuries sustained during a smuggling operation gone wrong near Bakura. A Huttese crime syndicate came to collect money that Klivan didn’t have and after they beat him within an inch of his life, he managed to creep to his ship and get treatment.

Outstanding Warrants

  • Drunk and Disorderly conduct (multiple counts in several different systems)
  • Possession of illegal contraband (multiple counts)
  • Transportation of illegal contraband (multiple counts)
  • Wanted for questioning or arrest in 37 shootings, mostly self defense.
  • Possession of military-grade hardware (multiple counts)
  • Resisting arrest (multiple counts)
  • Assault (multiple counts of varying degrees)
  • Lewd and Lascivious activity (multiple counts, Corellia)