Dark Forces

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Plot Summary

Mon Mothma meets with Kyle Katarn

In this game, you play Kyle Katarn, a mercenary once employed by the Galactic Empire who is now working with the Rebel Alliance. Kyle's first mission is to steal the plans for the Death Star. Then the Rebels learn of the Imperial General Mohc's plans to create battalions of Dark Troopers - specially enhanced stormtroopers which could spell the end of the rebellion. In Dark Forces, the player, as Katarn, must travel to varied locations such as the Gromas Mines, a Super Star Destroyer, the Imperial City on Coruscant, and the spaceport moon of Nar Shaddaa - to stop the Empire from unleashing the Dark Troopers. He's constantly assisted by his friend and partner, Jan Ors. Ors pilots Kyle's ship, the Moldy Crow, and has been known to dig Kyle out of trouble on numerous occasions throughout their partnership. At the end of any given mission, the sight of Ors coming in with the Crow is a welcome relief, even when Kyle still finds himself running from angry locals or an entire imperial assault force.

The Birth of the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division

Kyle Katarn gets down to Business

Although the Rebel Squadrons was founded around the game Xwing and was enjoying amazing success modding that game with its various squadrons, in 1996 Lucasarts released Dark Forces, the first of it's first person shooter games. As buzz built for the game, and with it's final release, the Rebel Squadrons commissioned the New Republic Commando Division (NRCD) to begin forming units to play this new game. The section was founded by ADM Noble and later changed to the name Rebel Squadrons Commando Division because of another similar gaming club that used the NR tag for all its sections. Each company within the RSCD adopted a color for their company names. These included Blue, Red, Green and Gold companies. These units played monthly Dark Forces missions in competition against one another, often writing stories about their exploits. The RSCD also gave rise to one of the most feared units fielded by the Rebel Squadrons, the Katarn Commandos. As new adventures following the exploits of Kyle Katarn hit the shelves, these 5 companies became the backbone of the RSCD, continuing to play Dark Forces in what became known as the First Platoon. A Second Platoon soon followed that threw the RSCD into the realm of multiplayer first person shooters with the dawn of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. Today the Commando Division plays Battlefront and Battlefront II, as well as Republic Commando. There is a Jedi Division for the Jedi series of games.

Dark Forces Information

A message fro Jan Ors
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