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Darknyte is a mystery wrapped up in an enigma and topped off with a riddle. Where he came from and where he's went are a mystery to all. One thing is certain though, Darknyte is a very dangerous individual. He once held positions of great power and respect, but through political infighting and(as some would claim) his own insanity, he managed to destroy his career.

Darknyte began his career many years ago, the exact dates are on record in the Imperial archives for anyone who cares to look. He was posted in Nu squadron of the ISD Colossus, within one of the larger Imperial remnant fleets.

Over a very short time he distinguished himself and found himself in the position of commanding the squadron. Sweeping changes were his method; he changed the entire squadron, from their image, to their motto, to even their style. He was handed a dead squadron and when he turned it back over to his Wing Commander to move on it was a vibrant, active, and full unit.

Once his work in Nu was done, Darknyte went off to join the greatest combat pilots in the fleet in Omega squadron. His time in Omega was mired in mediocrity, he flourished but at the same time grew bored. The 'old guys' just didn't have the same burning passion to succeed as he did, so after he completed his 3 month ToD, he bid them farewell and shuttled back to his beloved ISD Colossus.

It is around this time that Darknyte's history begins to fall into darkness. He'd made a quick rise through the ranks and appeared to be on the right track, but then something dark came over him, sinister urges filled his mind and he began to openly speak out against his superiors.

Around this same time he ran afoul of the Grand Master of the Dark Jedi, a vain and arrogant creature named Chi-Long. Using his influence Chi-Long had Darknyte expelled from the fleet. Darknyte retreated into the shadows and began to plot and scheme, he was certain he would have his revenge.

After spending a year or two on the fringes of society, his day came. The Master who had expelled him was disowned by the Fleet and had fled into the darkness in disgrace, Darknyte knew the time had come for his resurfacing.

He managed to relay a message to the Fleet Commander through several information brokers that he was looking to make a return to duty. Within a very short time he found himself once again wearing an Imperial uniform and serving once again as a combat pilot.

After a few short months a call went out to the entire fleet that the Fleet Commander was in search of a diplomat to fill the position of Lord Ambassador. Darknyte jumped on this opprotunity and convinced the Fleet Commander to appoint him to the position.

His time as the chief diplomat was marked with great success and great failure. Darknyte solidified many alliances the fleet had with other Imperial remnants, and even managed to work up a peace treaty with the Rebel Squadrons. It was to be his crowning achievement as Lord Ambassador, but it was short lived.

Shortly after the treaty was signed a rogue faction splintered off from the fleet and joined in alliance with the Rebel Squadrons; this did not sit well with the Grand Admiral and he promptly patched in a signal to the Rebel Squadrons holonet to address them. The specifics of his speech are lost to the ages, but all can agree that he made a total fool of himself and is alleged to have referred to the entire Rebel Squadrons fleet as "butt nuggets".

After seeing his hard work destroyed by the ego of one petty little man, Darknyte grew disillusioned with his position and started looking for a way out. The opprotunity came soon, and he managed to leverage himself into the position of Logistics Officer.

Darknyte's time as Logistics Officer was uneventful to put it mildly. With the exception of providing an archive of all fleet newsletters he seemed to do almost nothing. Nevermind that the duties of the position were sketchy at best and that he was never given any projects to work on despite asking repeatedly.

As time passed Darknyte began to grow increasingly frustrated with the Fleet Commander's lack of passion and the Executive Officer's complete lack of character. Again he began to play the political games and speak openly against the Executive Officer, which raised his ire by unimaginable degrees.

The months wore on and Darknyte found himself more and more on the fringes of the fleet, until finally he just gave up fighting and retired into seclusion. His retirement wasn't enough to suit the Executive Officer, so he began to present false evidence of treachery and smear Darknyte's name through the mud until finally the Fleet Commander decided to summarily expel Darknyte and register his name in the Most Wanted database.

For many years Darknyte remained in the darkness, plotting revenge and working in secret to destroy the fleet he'd once served. No one can be certain what, if any, actions he's taken against the fleet, but there have been countless acts of terrorism that have been alleged to be his handiwork.

Where is Darknyte today? That is a question that few can answer, some claim he was destroyed by his own insanity, others claim he lives out a peaceful life on some backwater Rim world. Still others believe he is closer, living amongst us now. Or perhaps, as some claim, his body was shattered by the Dark force magic he sought to unleash upon his enemies.....