Daron Lochek

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Member Profile
Daron Lochek
Career Information
Callsign Dagger 8
Full RS Name Daron Lochek
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Fresia
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 22
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location USA
Age 31

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.


  • Current rank: Lieutenant Colonel
  • Position: Reserve
  • Medals: A total of 37.
  • Starfighter: X-Wing


Daron is a human originally from the planet of Fresia, home of the Incom headquarters. His mother died of illness when he was young, leaving him to be raised entirely by his father. Daron's father was one of a select group of engineers working on the development of the T-65A X-Wing in the years prior to its deployment with the Rebellion. During his early childhood, Daron was constantly exposed all manner of flying craft. He often watched various ships flying in and out of the testing facilities at Incom and constantly pestered his father to tell him more about flying.

Life on Fresia was comfortable for the Lochek family due to the high salary and perks Incom gave its top engineers. But while he enjoyed with his work, Daron's father and the rest of the X-Wing development team became increasingly distressed by the politics of the Empire. Realizing their work would only contribute to the power of the Imperial Navy, they began to secretly assess the prospects of the Rebellion and the possibility of spiriting the new fighter from the grasp of the Empire. At home, Daron heard stories of the Rebellion's fight against all odds and the daring hit and run raids of its pilots and became enthralled with the idea of one day joining them.

Finally, as the X-Wing program began to near its final stages, the decision was made. The families of the engineers gathered a handful of belongings and created whatever cover stories were necessary. With the help of Rebel agents, the families evacuated the same night the Incom engineers collected the necessary data, destroyed the rest of their work and escaped before any authorities could respond.

Over the next few years, up until around the Battle of Hoth, Daron travelled along with his father from one Rebel base to the next, oftentimes just ahead of encroaching Imperial forces. During this time, Daron became even more enamored with the idea of being a pilot for the Rebellion. He often spent his free time talking to any pilot who was willing to chat to an eager young teenager. Daron took advantage of every chance he could to practice in a simulator or go on a flight with anyone who would teach him more. Daron's father stressed education foremost, so at 16 Daron left his father to study fulltime. He focused on engineering, mechanics, and design. On breaks from school, he gained much experience working in the hangars and workshops of whatever base his father was at. At 18, just after the Battle of Endor, Daron wanted to join the Alliance and enter the pilot's academy, but his father begged him to finish his schooling. Daron's father hoped to persuade his son to be an engineer instead. He had seen the reality of space combat - nearly every pilot he had worked with in his time with the Rebellion had been killed in action. But there would be no dissuading Daron. Having finished his degree, Daron applied to the academy to fulfill his dream of flying the X-Wing for what had now become the New Republic.

Appearance, Personality, etc...:

Daron stands around 6' tall and is slightly on the thin side, with brown hair and brown eyes. Daron does not personify the fighter pilot stereotype. Around his superiors he is usually quiet and modest, speaking only when its important. But Daron will speak for hours if the coversation is on flying, and he occasionally lets loose with a sharp wit. Most of his free time is spent tinkering on his craft or playing a stringed instrument he brought with him from Fresia. He is a competent and promising pilot who is willing to follow orders and will accept any assignment, no matter how dull, as long as he gets to fly. His loyalty to the Republic is unquestionable, as is his desire to improve and excel.

History in Rebel Squadrons:

Entered IBG Academy, 4/23/00 Promoted to Senior Cadet, 5/03/00 Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, 5/21/00 Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, 10/2/00

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