Dave Trebonious-Astoris

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Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Biographical information
Homeworld Yaga Minor
Date of birth 16:5:13BrS (60 years old)
Family Sisters Mairin, Galadriel & Jarla
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.80 meters
Weight 68 kilograms
Hair color White
Eye colorGreen
Distinguishing features Thin and wiry; older but age is not easily determined
Chronological and political information
Affiliation New Republic
Associations The House of Astoris
Ranks Fleet Admiral
Titles Captain of the Peril
"Stay awhile, and listen."
— Deckard Cain

Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris, FireClaw 2, serves as one of the three Ministers of Justice. A two-time former Fleet Commander, Dave has contributed to innumerable aspects of the Rebel Squadrons, and greatly influenced the club during his nearly two years as RSFC and long career spent on High Command.

Fictional character history

"I have been cleaning up messes of people like you since before you were conceived."
— Dave Trebonious-Astoris

Dave was born in 51 BBY (16BrS), the son of aristocratic parents and a scion of the noble Astoris house of Yaga Minor. He entered the Republic Navy as a fighter pilot shortly before Palpatine's rise to power (ca. 26 BBY). After fighting in the Clone Wars (22-19 BBY), he remained in the service of the Imperial Navy, where he later moved from starfighters to capital ships. He commanded the VSD-II Peril under Grand Admiral Thrawn, operating in the Unknown Regions for several years, until being given a mission so chilling that he renounced Imperial service forever and defected, taking his ship and crew with him (2 ABY). In service to the Rebel Alliance, he was given command of smaller vessels, until the dire need of well-captained ships for the Battle of Endor pushed him into command of a Nebulon B. Frigate (4 ABY). After the Battle of Endor he was given a commission with the newly formed Rebel Squadrons Battlegroup, which was designed by Admiral Ackbar to operate independently in the region of the Minos Cluster and Cadrel Expanse.

His service within the Rebel Squadrons has continued to this day. He was placed in command of Crusader Fleet, making his flagship the CRS McGrath (ca. 5 ABY). He later commanded Redemption Fleet, with his flagship none other than his previous ship in Imperial service, the Peril (ca. 5 ABY and 7 ABY). At one point he was elevated to the position of Fleet Commander of the entire Rebel Squadrons (ca. 6 ABY). In early 8 ABY, Dave was in his late fifties and had completed over 30 years of military service. Unwilling to retire, he decided that although he would step back from leadership in the Rebel Squadrons, he would continue to serve where the New Republic and Rebel Squadrons could make use of him. After brief consultation, he was put in command of a special task force, designed to explore the limits of known space around the Cadrel Expanse and approaching the Unknown Regions, and to probe the limits of the power of the Imperial splinter group Star Vipers. This self-imposed semi-retirement was of extremely brief duration, for in late 8 ABY, Dave was recalled by Rebel Squadrons' High Command, who once again made him Fleet Commander. Dave was present for the devastating Battle of Blerthmore on 44:2:27 (late 8 ABY), in which he was injured and unable to resist the assault on the RS capital.

Since Blerthmore, Dave has been primarily in command of the Greeop Defense Force and has grown obsessed with keeping the peace in what he sees as the zone of RS influence. His failure to do so may be attributed to the few ships at his disposal as much of the RS fleet is part of the Subterrel Strike Force and is far away. Although he and the GDF have clung tenaciously to the Greeop Sector and to some extent the Cadrel Expanse, all other RS territories have been lost to lawlessness.

Character traits and personality

"Also, in the future, I would appreciate it if you would not allow my staff in to see me when I am in this... condition." — Dave
"Do you wish them to think you're immortal, Admiral?" — Dr. Connessey
"Not quite. But I would at least like to avoid appearing in compromising positions." — Dave

The bulk of Dave's personality can be traced to either his planet of origin and family or his decades of military service, particularly his service to the Empire. The aristocracy of Yaga Minor are a proud group, despite the fact that they all hail from immigrants. One of the more curious attributes of the aristocracy is an avoidance of contractions in speech. Dave, like other nobles from Yaga Minor, considers contractions to be vulgar, and will only be seen speaking them when disoriented or under extreme duress. From his family, the house of Astoris, Dave has inherited a grave respect for the bonds of family in general and for his family specifically. For him, family is just about everything - despite the fact that much of his family pays their allegiance to the Empire.

Dave is generally sombre and restrained. He has been called "straight-laced." Part of this comes from his long experience serving militaries - first the Old Republic, then the Empire, then the Rebellion and New Republic. Dave is the quintessential navy officer, believing in strict discipline, a professional atmosphere, and even pomp and circumstance. He is not known as a harsh disciplinarian, perhaps because his age and gravitas seem to compel respect and obedience without the need for draconian measures. Dave's restrained nature is also due to the extremely high number of deaths that he has either witnessed, caused, or ordered. In fact, he has become somewhat obsessed with death, labeling it the great enemy. Despite this, Dave is also capable of humor on occasion, and may sometimes be caught muttering a witticism or some other dry remark.

Non-fictional RS service

"Congratulations, Dave, on a very successful year in the big chair. The things the RS has accomplished under your leadership have been astounding. That these things have been accomplished under your leadership, testifies to the quality of that leadership."
Castor Efrata-Landis

Dave has contributed in many ways to the actual leadership and administration of the RS. He joined in June of 1996, making him among the oldest active members of the club. Originally, as most RS members of the time were, he was known by AOL screenames, his first being RaptorFun and second ReblRaptor. His first squadron was Delta Squadron, where he flew the Mac edition of X-Wing. He worked his way up the ranks until he became Crusader Fleet CO during early 1997. He served as RS Medals Officer in late 1997/early 1998. From June 1998-July 2000 he was Redemption Fleet CO, where he was tirelessly active in seeking out new divisions for the RS and pushing older divisions to Fleet status. It was during this time period that Dave was promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral. Not content with this service, he aimed at serving the RS as a whole.

From August of 2000 to September of 2001, Dave served as Fleet Commander, presiding over several projects, including the creation of the first roster database and the transformation of the RS domain as well as the extremely successful First Outer Rim War. In June 2002, Dave returned to High Command by once again becoming Redemption Fleet CO, remaining there until September 2003. Between September 2003 and January 2006, Dave played Star Wars Galaxies, but remained a member of Redemption Fleet and served as Vice-Minister of Justice. In June 2006, Dave accepted additional positions in Aurora Force and the Patriot Battle Fleet. He was also appointed to High Command as an Alderman. In October 2006, Dave was elected RS FC for the second time. In the same month he stepped down from his position in the Council of Justice. He picked up a new position in RID about this time. In July 2007, after 9 months of service in his second term as FC, Dave resigned that position to allow a new leader to take command of the RS.

He currently flies for Green Squadron in the PBF and is heavily involved in RS fiction, being the primary author of the GDF narratives. He has also taken on the role of a sort of father confessor figure for veteran RSers, and has recently declared himself Historical Officer.

Former positions

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