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Desrik Koryn
Career Information
Full RS Name Desrik Koryn
Rank Second Lieutenant
Join January 9th, 2007
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 23
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location USA
Age 21

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.



Well, You probly want to know about me, since you're reading this. My name is Desrik Koryn. My father was Ardell Koryn and my mother's name was Reina Koryn. I was born on a neutral Tading Platform called "Traders' Haven". For as long as I can trace my lineage, my family has owned it for generations. For years, the station flourised as a trading post in the rough Outer Rim sector of the Galaxy. Almost whatever anyone needed, we had it. We traded and sold a variety of legal goods such as: Water, fuel, foodstuff, starship parts, lodging, and repairs for small ships. Buisness was always good in the Outer Rim, since it was a rough place to live. We had really good reputation for fair trading and good services.

The station was a very lively and active place. We had visitors from a variety of planets and systems come and go at almost every moment. My main language is Basic but I had to learn Bocce when I was young, since Bocce was the main trading language of the Outer Rim. My family on my father's side ran the station. My grandfather was incharge of the whole platform and head trader. My uncle, Solik, who was the eldest, was a mechanic for repairing the ship's that came to our platform. My father ran security on the platform and hired good & decent beings to run station security. We also had 3 Twing starfighters to protect the platform. My father was a great pilot, and when I grew into my teen ages, he taught me how to fly. I first learned to pilot a T-Wing when I was 13. For 4 years, I not only learned how to pilot a starfighter but also a Corellian YT 1300 Transport that my grandfather bought for the whole family. My grandpa named the transport the "Takeryn". When I became 19, my father gave me a new T-Wing for my birthday. I was overjoyed but my mother was worried that I would become reckless. I named it "The Koryr" I wanted to to become part of the security team, but my father said I wasn't ready to become part of the team yet. I had hopes of becomeing part to station defense team and dreamed of blasting pirates attacking the station. Little would I know that I would get what I wished for.

A year after of recieving the "Koryr", things started to get more unstable. We were increasingly getting more customers for repairs rather than trading goods. I remeber one time I went to the repair bay to see the damages our customers were reporting. At the platform's Repair Bay, we were constantly repairing damage caused by laser cannon fire and even in some cases, missle damage. My uncle was conversing with a Rodian once speaking Bocce. I listened in on their conversation because I was curious. Nothing exciting ever happened and I was eager to find out what was going on.

In the Repair Bay of the Trader's Haven

Solik: "Woah! This will take some time to repair. Your inflight control's are near completed ruin, you got really bad hull damage from laser hits, and your shild systems are fried. What exactly happened out there? Rodian: "I knew the Outer Rim was dangerous but I had no idea I would run into a war zone in the Seapan System." Solik: "What do you mean?" Rodian: " I sell quality exported food items from Rodia. I help deliver the food to various customers all over the Galaxy from my company RodiaCorp. I was delivering a large shipment of goods to the nearby planet Dimok. As I was exiting out of hyperspace, I was being intercepted by a group of 2 Y-Wings. I recieved a warning to state my buisness. I realize I came out of hyperspace short and was in Ripoblus space. I told them that I was sending a shipment of food to the planet Dimok. After stating my buisness, I was told to stand down and prepare to be boarded. I asked them why and they said for shipping weapons to the Dimok. I told them again what my cargo was but they said once again " Prepare to boarded or be destroyed". I decided to run for it, and I was scared they would kill me anyway. After all, this is high quality food we are talking about here. I did my best to dodge but they kept scoring hits on me left & right, front & aft. As my shields failed they started to fire ion cannons at me. A transport later appeared as my systems started to fail. But by the force, my hyperdrive was ready and hit the coordinates for the nearest reapair station on map. I was able to escape barely. I guess there is a civil war in the Sepan System between the Dimoks and the Ripoblus." Solik: " Oh great. I guess we'll have to keep an eye on this situation. We never have had any trouble here. I just hope this civil war doesn't spread to here. Anyway, we can reapair the damage but its going to cost 13000 Credits for a complete reapair." Rodian: " What!? I don't have that money! I almost had my life taken and now you want to take all my money!" Solik: " Well if you can't pay, you can trade us something else of value other than credits. What about your food? Is is good?" Rodian: "It IS high quality from Rodia after all. I have 12000 credits worth. I'll trade you all of the Food for a complete repair." Solik: " Hmmmm. Well, we haven't had any thing else to eat around here. I just need to check my father about it."

-just then my grandpa Klinser appeared out of the door to the station center. He probly was listening in just like me-----------

My Grandpa Klinser: "You don't need to ask me son, the proposition sound wel enough. I've always wanted to see what Rodian food was like. You have a deal! Unload your cargo and well start repairs immediately." Rodian: " I start unloading immediately. I think you'll be pleased with the food."

And I wasn't dissapointed at all. We later ate the food for dinner and started selling the rest. The next couple of days after that Rodian came, more traders with the same damages started to come to the Traders' Haven. Everyday it was repairs and more stories of the Dimok and Ripoblus war. It was all the talk of the station. More traders kept warning us to stay out of the Dimok and Ripoblus systems. I remeber traders talking in our bar saying things like" I had to escape from an dimok Z-95 on my tail" or" I heard the Ripoblus may win the war". It was until we started to get customers whose crew members were injured. We only have one sick bay and my aunt is the only doctor. Some of beings started to die of injuries their simply because we lacked advanced medical equipment. A day after the 5th visitor died on our station, my grandfather decided to hold an emergency meeting with the whole family and the whole security staff. I remeber there was a lot of chatter before my grandpa entered the room. I was nervous at the events unfolding.

In The Traders' Haven Conference Room

Grandpa Kilnser: "Everyone! Please be quiet! I called you all here because of the events unfolding over the past few days. After listening to the stories of our visitors and checking my trusted sources, there currently is a major civil war between the Dimok and the Ripoblus. I have been unable to find out what the cause of the war between the two planets. Since traders and tourists along the Sepan system have been under attacks from the two parties, I want the security team to man the T-wings and guard the station at all times. I suggest you all practice your flying skills in the combat simulator to be prepared for an attack on the station, if such an event may take place. Why? Because this civil war is spreading to other stations as well as other plantets" Ardell: "If this station does get attacked we are going to need more firepower. Can you get us some warheads for the T-Wings?" Klinser: "For years we have been neutral and we have always stayed out of other afairs, but I fear me may get dragged in to a conflict. Very well my Son. I shall see about obatining warheads from my contacts. Everyone be prepared for an emergency if one does occur. I have also learned that the Imperials are interviening in to the war." Reina: " On which side?" Klinser: "Apparently neither. The Empire is trying to suppress both sides of the conflict for control of the whole Sepan System. That's both good and bad for us. The Empire always heavily taxes trades and they may tell us how to conduct our own buisness. I can only hope the dimok and Ripoblus don't come here only to drag the Empire to our Station. We must be careful as always. That is all every one and may the Force be with you."

Just as I was leaving along with the rest, my father, mother, and grandpa stayed where they were and my Grandpa called out to me.

Klinser: "Wait Desrik. There is a matter we must discuss."

The door closed behind me and I sat back in my seat. Klinser: " Due to these unfolding events, your parents have decided in the event if this station may fall, you are to take the Takeryn and find a safer place. Do you understand?" Desrik: "But I've never left the platform nor have I been anywhere else in the galaxy." Ardell: " Son, you are a strong young man now. I have taught you everything about piloting and hyperspace jumping. I know you can take care of yourself. There is a map in the Takeryn, that has of a list of safe places your Grandfather has been to in his early days." Desrik: " Will everything be okay?" Reina: " We don't know yet ,but you must do this to survive in case anything happens. We all love you very much Desrik" Desrik: " Okay. I understand" Klinser: " The Takeryn may be different from a T-Wing, but its difficulty is not hard at all. May the Force be with you my Desrik".

Then the beginning of the next day, the horible event happened. I was in the Comm Room, with my Grandpn, when the the station's muli-view dispayed made a beeping noise. We both looked and saw a shuttle appear 7 klicks from the station. Immediatly after it appeared, we recieved a distress singal from the shuttle. A being's face of what I guess was a Ripoblus appeared on the mini holo display labelled Purple. The Ripoblus spoke basic but with an odd sound of excessive saliva in his mouth.

Ripoblus: shh "Shuttle Unispace to Platform Traders' Haven! WE need assistance! He need shelter from the Dimok! There are 4 Z-95's behind us! Can you help!?" Klinser: "We cannot help you Shuttle Unispace. This is a neutral platform." Please leave before the Dimok arrive!

Just then the Multi-view displayed 4 Z-95's labelled in blue.

Dimok: "Stations Traders' Haven you are aiding our enemy! Surrender and prepare to be boarded!

Also, a Transport labelled unknown in blue appeared out hyperspace and it was heading for the platform.

Ripoblus: "You Dimok shall die! We've sent for reinforcements!

4 Y-Wings appeared out of hyperspace labelled Purple started to engage the Z-95's Klinser: " Alert enemy fighters have appeared! Haven security, engage and destroy the invaders!

All 3 of our T-Wings launched from the fighter bay and the computer labelled them in yellow. They' were all labelled fighter group HAVEN. My father was leading his wingmate to attack the transport first and then attack the fighters.

Ardell: "Alright men! Get rid of the transdport! It's trying to disable the platform.

All 3 T-Wings fire relentlessly on the transport. The transport was blasted in to a ball of fire vapor and was no more. The Y-Wings were engaging the Z-95's and some on both sides were being blown up. My father and his wingmates attacked them left and right scoring numerous kills. But then a Victory class Star Desroyer appeared 11 klicks from the station. On the multi-view display, it was labelled Protector in red.

Adrmiral: "All parties! This is Admiral Harkov of the Protector! Stand down or be destroyed! Klinser: " Admiral Harkov this is Klinser Koryn, owner of the Traders' Haven! The Ripoblus and Dimok are attacking our stantion! Please help! Harkov: 'Klinser of Traders' Haven, we believe you are holding weapons on your platform and dealing weapons to the Ripoblus and Dimok. Have your T-Wings return to bay, wait until we finish off the Ripoblus and Dimok, lower your shields and prepare to be boarded." Klinser: " We are not holding weapons nor are we aidding anyone in the Sepan war! Cannot comply!" Harkov: "Then we will destroy your fighters and take your station."

Tie Fighters appeared from the VSD and started to attack all the draft that was out there. My father and his wingmates started to attack the Ties but were no match. My father's T-Wing was hit with a missle and his ship split into little pieces and blew up! I cried when I saw my father died. After that, my Grandfather grabbed my arm and shook me out of my crying unil I noticed

Klinser: "You must escape! There are bombers and Stormtrooper Transports on their way! I must stay behind. Quickly go to bay 3. Take my Protocol Droid with you and there should be a blaster rifle in the ship cargo compartment. The map is loaded into the nav computer. Go to location #1. C3-RY should will give you advice on what to do in some non-threatening situations but he is a snob and a coward. His primary language is Bocce, so he will speak to you in Bocce unless you tell him to speak basic. Follow the coordinates! I love you my Desrik. May the Force be with you!

I ran all the way to the hangar and into the Takeryn. I immediatly powered up the ship and closed the landing hatch. As I starting to get the hyperdrive ready, 3 Tie Fighters started to attack me. I was hit a couple of times and notices that I couldn't fire back because I was the only one flying. With out an extre crew man I couldn't man the guns and dodge at the same time.

Desrik: "Almost ready to enter hyperspace! If I can just hold on longer!"

The Tie Fighters were hitting me all over the ship and my shields were failing at a fast rate. Then the most unhelpful thing happened to while I was trying to escape. Just then a robotic voice spoke behind me in Bocce.

C3-RY: " Nah Wandi Dowuh! " Desrik: " Speak Basic! NO TIME FOR BOCCE! C3-RY: " Oh! My apologies Master Klinser! I didn't know you wanted me to speak...wait your not Master Klinser! I don't believe we've been formally introduced. My name is....."

Just then a big boom shook the Takeryn. Desrik: "Missle hit! Shields down! Come on hyperdrive! C3-RY: ' OH! Were both going to perish! Oh NO!" Desrik: "Hyperdrive ready!

I hit the hyperdrive switch and in an instant, the Stars were being pulled and into hyperspace I went. Desrik: "Where exactly am I going? I must check the nav computer." C3-RY: " You really need to practice piloting this ship. Why, if master Klinser was here, he would do a much better job." Desrik: " Be quiet ." C3-Ry: " Really Sir, You must practice. Might I suggest using a simulator when we return back, and..." Desrik: " We aren't going back TINMAN!" C3-RY: " Oh How rude! I was merely trying to help, and..." Desrik: " SHUT UP! " C3-RY: " Oh.........very well but may I ask what is your name?" Desik: " My name is Desrik Koryn. Now be quiet" C3-RY: " Oh! You must me a related to Master Klinser." Desrik: " Grandson. Now shut up." C3-RY: " Master Klinser never told me of any of his relatives, and it been quite a mystery to me." Desrik: " (Probly because he doesn't want to subject his family to an anoyying droid)." D3-RY: " What did you say Sir Desrik." Desrik: " Nothing "

The rest of the trip was so terrible. I was still filled with the sad memory of my father dying and losing my family. I also had to put up with C3-RY's talk, until I found his off switch. The coordinates led me to a platform in the Geeop Sector. The platform belonged to a good friend of my grandfather and fellow trader, Corrus Badilt. I told Corrus of what happened to me and my family and was kinda to let me stay at the platform. I practiced my piloting almost every day I could. Corrus let me work for him as an apprentice trader for 6 years. Then one day, a Rebel Transport arrived at our platform. I remember there were two Rebel Oficers. They came to me asking to speak with Corrus. I took them to Corrus and as I saw them go inside Corrus's Conference room, I waited outside. I wanted to know why the were here, I waited outside in the hallway wondering what they were talking about. Later the door opened and I hear a voice call my name. It was Corrus.

Corrus: " Desrik! Come in here." Desrik: " Yes Sir? you wanted to see me? Corrus: " You're Grandfather used to listen in on peoples' conversations too. You're much like him. Take a seat." Desrik: " Okay." Corrus: " These Rebel officers inform me that the Emperor has died and the Empire is falling. They come here for our support in esttablishing the New Republic. They want supplies and something else. Desrik: " And that is....?" Corrus: " Pilots. They need pilots and I believe this is a good chance for you to get back at the Empire." Desrik: " Do you think I'm good enough? What If I don't make it in training?" Corrus: " A trading platform here is no place for you Desrik. You need to go out and do somehing more than live here and mourn all the time. If not for your family, do this for you." I have seen your training stats in the simulator and the Officers are more than happy to take you. Desrik: " I always wanted to be a pilot! Now I can get back at whatthe Empire did to me and my family!" Officer 1: " We need people like you Desrik" The Empire is falling but they are still in the Outer Rim and their forces are building up." Desrik: " Please take me. I must fight for freedom and justice." Officer 2: " Come right this way. We will take you."

The officers later took me to join the Rebllion and I was soon put into training. I would later learn from captured Imperial Archives of the Imperial attack on my family's platform. Admiral Harkov was selling Imperial weapons to both sides of the Sepan War. The Imperials were starting to suspect Harkov of selling weapons to Dimok and Ripoblus, so Harkov in an attempt to concel evidence of his dealings, followed the pursuing Dimok. Knowing that the Ripoblus shuttle would eventually try to seek haven at a platform, he would hyper in after the Dimok attack, and take over the platform. He later caimed that the Platform had stolen imperial weapons. Claiming this,he used it as an excuse to take over that platform and plant the weapons as evidence. It didn't work however, the imperials knew of Harkov's activities and he was later captured on a YT-1300 called the Geddawai. I was greed from Imperials like Harkov and fighting from the Dimok and Ripoblus that killed my father. I don't know for sure if the rest of my family is still alive or not. All that was left inthe archive, was a report about "resistance" from the hostile personnel of the platform and that the platform was" under peace ". Everyday at Rebelsquadrons, I can't wait until I fight another Imperial or pirate in combat. Every kill brings me closer to avenging my family. And I will never stop until the Empire and all pirates are destroyed.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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