Doth Raandu

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Member Profile
Doth Raandu
Career Information
Callsign Clank
Full RS Name Doth Raandu
Rank Lieutenant General
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Dantooine
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 33
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location USA
Age 28

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.



(short version)

The story how I came to be in the RS started about 6 or 7 years ago. I had just bought a copy of XvT and worked my way through the SP missions. Figuring I wanted to join a squad I got together a few friends and formed Aqua Squadron. We flew together when we could(on the zone, isp, ip,etc.). Eventually we got tired of that and needed to be a part of something bigger. I came across the RS and immediately fell in love. I offered my services as well as my squadron. We were put under Scorpion Wing under the Renegade Fleet commanded at the time by VA Jim. In a nutshell I'm still around although with different CO's, Aqua was retired, and I strive on the serve the better purpose of the Rebel Squadrons.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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