Dry run scoring

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Single Player and Info

ok, simple in theory, not so simple to implement. "Diminishing returns" is a process that basically means, the more you put in, the less you get back. There is a plateau of sorts where input/output balance, but after that the more input you have the less you get, this is usually representative in machinery/factory working. Surplus of materials, only so many machines, means you're only getting the same amount of finished product at the end. The solution is to get more machines, but sometimes you just can't.

So what does this mean to RS? Simple. We have a tiered system. The average RS member does 2 activities. Usually 2 flight sim ITOD missions. So we'll use that for a base. We're also assuming that the preference is on Squadron unity, not personal gain. If this is not true, we'll have to adjust our math a bit.

Average Joe Pilot flies his two missions, thus earns 2 merit points for himself,and 2 points for his squad. Heavy the super pilot does 20 different things, earning him 20 points for his squad, but only 12 points for himself. Wait what?

Ahh, you see it don't you? Now the 12 points for himself is a number i pulled out of my tail. That can be adjusted to whatever the math works out. Generally, we'll be dealing with percentages per the tiers. The tiers (which I have avoided for right now) should be labeled accordingly. Average, above average, super, expert, whatever. The names are meaningless and unimportant to everyone but whoever is doing the scoring. for each tier the member goes past, he'll earn a percentage less in personal merit points. so say there's no penalty for average, or above average (as we want folks to do stuff), but the next tier up, he'll earn say 10% less in personal merit points. Yes I know this will deal with fractions and half/points, but we can round up/down as needed. I would also suggest a cap at say 60%, though if we're finding more people are doing things, we can adjust it lower if need be.

Tier  - # activities - % earned
1     -       2     -   100%
2     -       3     -   100%
3     -       4     -    90%
4     -       5     -    80%
5     -       6     -    70%
6     -       7+    -    60%

This should be noted that, it's only for personal merit points. This will not affect individual mission scores (IE: Killboard). This way, there won't be someone running away with the top merit point score, and it will help balance the field a bit.

On a separate note, I'd limit the amount of historical missions one can fly per month. I'd say 2 should be sufficient. Also, you can not fly the same historical mission for the next 3 months.

Up for current discussion is the need to apply DR to single player points. There are so few currently, and preliminary math and number suggests it won't make a huge difference one way or the other. For now we should keep it applied however. It will be far easier to test once we try another run.

MP Math

Since there is no way to balance the issues, Heavy and I have decided that a second system should be used for all MP matches. Comp and Non comp. Simming will use a similar system, but slightly changed.

For reference Tier 1 = average Joe Pilot. I set the matches to these numbers, but they are not etched in stone. We can adjust as needed. Each match is worth 1 point. so 5 matches = 5 points. We're going to keep the MP separate from the SP. These points stand on their own, for their own awards/medals/accolades/whatever. This way, everyone in the RS can compete against each other in the SP race, but won't be affected by those wanting to do MP. Then with a separate MP race, only those that wish to compete can.

Tier  - # matches - % earned
1     -       5     -   100%
2     -       7     -   100%
3     -       9     -    90%
4     -      11    -    80%
5     -      13    -    70%
6     -      15    -    60%


Simming is a little different. it requires a bit of work to understand. Average sim lasts about 2 hours. There have been marathon sims before, but those are rare. So how do we factor points for sims? Usually it's by hours. Sims give bonus CP/FP for duration. So we're not interested in them. This is for personal merit points. Which are separate from the CP/FP bonus given at the end of sims.

Tier  - # hours - % earned
1     -       2     -   100%
2     -       3     -   100%
3     -       4     -    90%
4     -       5     -    80%
5     -       6     -    70%
6     -       7+    -    60%

This is for 1 sim. You'll earn 1 point per hour. if you run 2 sims, one lasts for 3 hours , one lasts for 4, you'll earn 6.6 merits, to which we'll round up to say 7 (which yes I know negates the DM, but we're assuming you're going to run more than 2 sims)


Right, a thought I had, which will help other squads is this. A complete squad (everyone not LOA) Reporting in, gets a 1 or 2 point bonus, or whatever bonus we decide on. Incomplete squads get penalized. Same math above applies just in reverse.

Due to the fluctuating squad membership we can't have numbers set in stone. So, Squad totals will be calculated by factoring out people who are LOA and AWOL, then tallied. So if you have an 8 man squad and 4 of them are LOA, you have a 4 man squad. If 2 of them are reporting the squadron percentage is 50%. 50% reporting = 50% of the points earned.

100% reporting = 100% points earned (plus bonus)
50% reporting = 50% points earned

This also has a benefit, of seeing if people are AWOL and no longer willing to help. A 0 report means they're here, and going to try harder next time. While a non report means they're pretty much gone.

Also, points for squad are calculated by adding POST-DR SP and MP totals!!

A 0 report will no longer be accepted as a report. There are plenty of other ways to show activity and to earn points both for yourself and your squad.


What is defined as an Activity in the RS? This is where most of the discussions will come to. This is a rough list, I'm not sure if we want to spell out EVERY activity, and let the whomever is scoring decide on the final total, but that's for others to discuss. I'm playing secretary at this point.

Activities (1 point earned, included in Diminishing Returns [DR] )

  • Current ITOD mission (no matter how many submissions for a better score, it only counts once)
  • Historical Mission (limit 2 and can not repeat the same HM for 3 months)
  • Participation in an hour long sim (every hour earn one more point)
  • Writing; 500+ post with correct spelling/grammar (SEE NOTE)
    • Note: Writing a narrative for an ITOD mission would be considered a SP activity. Writing in response to others, as in a Zealot post, or a run on narrative would be considered a MP point. Thus the SP activity, would be 1 point, and the MP activity, would be 1 point for each 500+ post you make.**
  • MP activity (1 match between people is one activity, thus 1 point. Flying 20 matches in a BSC WoW is 20 points)

Activities (2 points earned, included in DR)

  • GMing a sim (earn 2 points for every hour)

Activities (1 point earned NOT included in DR; AKA Bonus points)

  • Mission testing (for future ITOD)
  • RS Assistance (Wiki work, RSIO work, etc.) - variable pts based on level of performance, no more than 3pts maybe?
  • RS related NLs (Don't think this was included in your reply; yes, it's "part of the job", but thinking about it - writing an NL is 20 minutes I could be flying or playing Xbox, etc). - 1pt each?

Activities (2 points earned NOT included in DR; AKA Special Bonus points)

  • Mission creation (Desperately need mission builders!!!)