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Here is a listing of what the Rebellion and Empire can build in order to create the units they need to win the war. Note that you only have a certain number of build spaces per planet (differs by planet size), so that you have to think about what you really want your planet to be used for before building on it. If you change you mind, you can sell what you've built, but it'll end up wasting prescious time.

Rebel Structures

  • Alliance Space Station: The Alliance's orbital defense platform, used to construct ships. The space station can defend itself and deploy fighters. With each progressive tech tree, a space station grows in size
  • Alliance Barracks: Infantry and PLEX soliders are trained in the barracks
  • Alliance Light Vehicle Factory: Assault Speeders and T2-B tanks are created here
  • Alliance Heavy Vehicle Factory: T4-B tanks and Artillery are made here
  • Alliance Officer Academy: This building allows for the training of Fleet and Field Commanders
  • Infiltrator Training Facility: Elite infiltrator units are trained here
  • Ion Cannon: When built on a planet, allows the rebels to disable ships during a space battle
  • Command Center: A base of operations for rebel outposts, where heroes are recruited and new technologies researched

Imperial Structures

  • Imperial Space Station: The Empire's orbital defense platform. These are able to defend themselves and deploy fighters. They grow as their tech level increases
  • Gravity Well Generator: These deny Rebel Fleets the ability to tactically retreat from battle
  • Magnapulse Cannon: These lob plasma at enemy vehicles, causing massive electrical damage and disabling them
  • Research Facility: These are used by the Empire to develop new technologies
  • Imperial Barracks: Stormtroopers and Scout Troopers come from here
  • Imperial Officer Academy: Fleet Commanders and Field Commanders are trained here
  • Imperial Light Vehicle Factory: AT-STs and 2-M tanks are created here, as well as Tie Maulers
  • Imperial Heavy Vehicle Factory: The AT-AA and Imperial Artillery are produced here
  • Imperial Advanced Vehicle Factory: These produce the massive AT-AT
  • Imperial Command Center: The central location that directs all operations on a planet
  • Hypervelocity Gun: A planet based weapon that can shoot massive metal slugs at ships in orbit

Shared Structures

  • Power Generator: Keeps Comm Arrays, base shield, turbolasers, and mining facilities running
  • Shield Generator: Prevents orbital bombardments and energy attacks on the base it protects. They require a power generator
  • Mining Facility: These building boost planetary income. They more you have, the more money you make
  • Turbolaser Tower: A surface weapon that tracks and fires at enemy units. Effective against vehicles
  • Communications Array: Transmits map information to the mini map
  • Orbital Long Range Scanner: Detects incomign enemy vessels that are far away, providing an advance warning system
  • Cantina: You can aquire smugglers and merc here. They can be built on Atzerri, Nal Hutta, Ryloth, and Tatooine
  • Hutt Palace: You can find Bounty Hunters here. They can be built on Atzerri, Nal Hutta, Ryloth, and Tatooine
  • Bacta Healing Station: Heals nearby infantry units in a radius around it
  • Repair Station: Repairs damaged vehicles in a radius around it
  • Sensor Node: Can be used to monitor what's going on in an area around it
  • Mercenary Outfitter: You can purchase additional equipment here
  • Missile Defense Satellite: A missile launcher site used in space for defense
  • Laser Defense Satellite: A laser defense station in space
  • Asteroid Mining Facility: Increase creidt income
  • Merchant Space Dock: Can be used to purchase special units
  • Resource Pad: A quick place to mine for some raw materials for extra credits
  • Abandoned Heavy Factory: Can capture to produce heavy vehicles
  • Abandoned Sensor Array: Can capture to help reveal information on your mini map