El Sergi

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Member Profile
El Sergi
Career Information
Callsign El Sergi
Rank First Lieutenant
Join November 6th, 2007
Current Status Reserve
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Valhalla's Gate
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 35
Personal Information (Real Life)
Location Madrid (Spain)
Age 38

A reserve member of the Rebel Squadrons.



I was born in Valhalla's Gate, a little planet in de Bespin's System. My parents are both dead. My father was a miner in the main Thyderium refinery plant. I have two younger sisters; Tianna, married with a local farmer, and the youngest one, Ahndaree, who suddenly disappeared one night, when she was visiting a friend that lived in the imperial controlled area of the capital "Madarin". Nobody has been liable to tell me what happened, but I suspect she was kidnapped for a marauding imperial patrol, and then sold to a slaveholder at the "Mothar" slaves market. Lately this has been the destiny of a big number of pretty young girls around here. Rumor has it that a retired weaponry VSD sub-official, so-called scar, would be behind most of that kidnapping. This is one of the reasons that has impelled me to enroll in the rebel Alliance. So I’ll have the opportunity of moving about a lot of systems and try to find my sister's trace or, at least the “Scar” whereabouts. Meanwhile I’ll try to help wiping out the empire tyrannical presence in the galaxy.

My first steps as pilot were on board of the Thyderium crystals harvester, used for the air conditioning system of our house. I envied my Xavius friend, because he had a brand new YT-1300 corellian transport, gift of his uncle Marcuus Lidan, an accumulated retailer to whom, the bad languages, attributed to good part of their fortune to dark assumptions contacts with smugglers. When Marcuus appeared for the first time with its “Betsy”, as it baptized to his ship, I would be about 15 years old. My face was a pure pimple, but, in spite of everything, I had been able to call the attention of, it seemed to me, the prettiest girl on the face of Ashgard’s Gate, Cally Mitchells. I believe that she was with me because she found me funny. I did not find so funny that Xavius ended up robbing her to me (no girl of her age resisted to a flaming YT-1300). But the life gives many returns, and a day, at the end of summer; Xavius and I were playing a game of Bilgis, and Xavius, who at that time was quite vehement, confident to gain the round, bet his ship against my clock with perpetual stellar calendar. Of course, he lost. I was deprived of his “valuable” friendship, but I remained with “Betsy”. In order to complete my revenge, I painted in the helmet of the YT-1300 its new name “Stay with Cally, dick”. That ship has saved me the life often. I began to use it to make small orders and transport merchandise at level of the system. Soon the orders went away making more important and better paid, which in the end avoided that me and my singles sisters starved when our parents died. I´ve never been a top ace pilot but I am not a package either. For now I hope to keep filling my ship’s hull with notches by each demolished imperial pilot in my account.

Note: Biography copypasted, no alterations made.

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