Empire at War

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Empire at War was released on February 16th, 2006. EaW is a Real Time Strategy game that puts you in command of the Alliance or Imperial forces. You move your units throughout the galaxy, engaging in real time space and land conflicts that ultimately dictate who controls the galaxy. The game and it's brand new engine are created by Las Vegas-based developer, Petroglyph, composed of industry veterans that have created many previous real time strategy games, including the Command and Conquer series. Here is some more information:

Empire at War is the latest game to be added to the Rebel Squadrons. An epic strategy game of conquest within the Star Wars galaxy, Empire at War puts you in command of the fate of the entire galaxy. Any members wishing to play the game within the RS can join Righteous Indignation Division to begin their journey in beating back the Imperial Forces. Below, you can find our information portal to help you with making the most of your gaming experience.