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So you've blown through the game and are looking for something to extend your playing experience. Empire at War has an extremely modifiable engine, and many people have set out to create new gaming experiences to enhance the life of your game. Here you'll find the latest patches and mods for enhancing your gaming experience.


  • Realism Mod: Brings in more "realism" to the space battles and adds more functionality to all the space units, making for more intense combat. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
  • Camera Mod: Makes the land camera as dynamic as the space camera
  • Venator Mod: Allows for the use of the Venator Cruisers which were in the demo, but cut from the full game
  • Ion/Laser Mod: Makes the Ion Cannon and Laser shots much more visable in combat
  • Absolution Mod: Adds the Venator as a special unit, with upgraded weapons and power
  • Mirror Mod: Allows for you to have "Empire vs Empire" and "Rebel vs Rebel" matches
  • Awakening of the Rebellion: "Awakening of the Rebellion" (AotR) is a huge project for "Empire at War". Total conversion with a lot of playable units and better balancing
  • Trek Wars: Crossover between Star Trek and Star Wars. Allows fights between the Star Fleet and the 3 factions of "Empire at War"

Demo Mods

Moding Help

Special thanks to File Front's EaW Site and Petroden for providing links to download these mods. More mods are being added all the time, so check back here often.