Eric Reagan

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Brigadier General Eric Reagan, Lancer 10, has served in the RS since May 31, 2005.

Eric Reagan was born on the planet Xa Fel, but his mother died in childbirth, so he never really knew her. His family had been corporate slaves for ages, and he and his father were about to be made slaves, so his father took him and fled the planet. They later settled on the planet Corellia, where they buried his mother, and Eric's father joined the New Republic military. His father became an extremely talented pilot and high ranking officer, and was by far one of the best pilots the Republic had ever seen. He could fly anything, and he taught his son everything he knew. His father had served in the New Republic military for 15 years until he was killed in action when his A-Wing was blown up over Endor. Later, his father was buried on Endor. Eric was young when his father died, and Eric swore to avenge his death.

As soon as he was of age to do so, he applied and was accepted to the Academy. Eric excelled at the academy, graduating at the top of his class. He was one of the best cadets that the academy had ever seen, thanks to what his father had taught him, and therefore left a lasting legacy there. After he graduated from the Academy he went to pilot school, where he again graduated at the top of his class, and was issued his first X-Wing. He still has that X-Wing to this day.

After he graduated from pilot school, he just explored space, trying to find himself. When his X-Wing ran out of resources, he was forced to land on the nearest planet, which just happened to be the planet Bethlamore. While there, the humble Jedi of the Great Temple of Adhe Zion offered him a place to stay, and he settled there. He would later be thrown into the mix, as it were, and these people would become, in essence, his family.

Eric has been with the ABG for almost two years now, and has flown on several missions for them. Most recently, he went on a NRI special operation to the planet Tattoine to take care of a slaver there. This operation took 9 months, but he is now back at the temple. He can usually be seen wearing a flight suit, and most of the time it is soiled from mechanical work on his X-Wing. And, he can usually be found in the temple's hangar. He lives on the seventh floor right next to Nicolai Ginovef.

He was formerly the Executive Officer of the ABG's Allegiance Academy, but gave up his position when he left for the deserts of Tattoine. He also serves in the Patriot Battle Fleet. Before he left for the desert, he was PBF's Executive Officer, and now holds the position of Second Officer. Also, he commands ABG's Lancer squadron, a squadron of elite pilots.