Evacuation of Aphene (108)

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Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance):

Mission Assignments

Airspeeder 1 (Pilot/Gunner) - Lucas Benoit-Stark/Sarriah James

Airspeeder 2 (Pilot/Gunner) - Gavin Storm/Lori Star -

Ground Support 1 - (Speederbike Assault/Heavy Artillery) Cody Qel-Droma/Salaban Voltin/Leaph Chausew

Ground Support 2 (Long Range/Sniper Assault) - Nathaniel Maslow/Kaz Falcion/Scott Jensen/Terek Allerti

Ground Support 3 (Demolitions) - Kaitlyn Marie Anderson/Anishor/Darik "Deuce' Klivan

Mission Summary

Upon receiving the news of an Imperial Strike Force en route to Aphene, the first New Republic occupied planet in the Subterrel System, Assault Frigates Chiin'tal and Titan, along with the gunship Bayonet and corvette Warden quickly formed up together in full alert formation in a vain attempt to repel the enemy opposition in space. Cody Qel-Droma accepted the daunting task of his Zealots leading the charge with the stationed troops against the inevitable invasion enough for the evacuation of personnel stationed planet-side. In what appeared as another suicide mission, the New Republic planted the seed of doubt on quite a few of members of the squadron. Equipped with two airspeeders, a handful of speeder bikes and swoops, the squadrons objective: disrupt the Imperial barrage enough for the remainder of the SSF to escape.

The Rebels stuck first. While the asteroid field funneled the amount of dropships sent through the first wave, the two airspeeders exploited the advantages of atmospheric flight and successfully felled 11 of the initial 25 dropships from the first wave. Meanwhile, the ground forces utilized the terrain and foliage to suppress the initial unorganized wave of troopers. With Kaitlyn's demolition expertise, the Zealots staved off the front assault, and even commandeered an AT-ST with a swift sniper attack.

Unfortunately, the sustained deployment of AT-ATs, AT-STs, AT-AAs, and ground troopers proved too much for the Zealots to withstand. The final AT-AT from the first wave decommissioned Gavin Storm's airspeeder while the influx of stormtroopers and AT-STs dispersed several members of the Zealot groups. Munitions and support dwindled in contrast to Imperial supplies and reinforcements. All in all, the invading forces acquired a slew of captives including Zealot Squadron Members: Leaph Chausew, Terek Allteri, Salaban Voltin, Gavin Storm, and Lori Star.

Meanwhile, the three Imperial Star Destroyers now slithered away from the web of asteroids impeding its path. As a result, the Imperials now obtain space superiority. With a 50% success rate on evacuees from Aphene and after having sustained heavy damage, the Rebel capital ships, much to the dismay of the Zealots, retreated into hyperspace, abandoned, Zealot Squadron now fended for themselves against the changing of the tide led by the Imperial Remnant they bested in the Battle of Rebano, General Von-Sek.