Exort Base

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Asteroid Hangar.jpg
Exort Base
Production information
Class Asteroid Hangar
Technical specifications
Length 757.38 meters
Width 891.57 meters
Height/depth 653.35 meters
Shielding 2560 SBD
Hull 2288 RU
Armament Turbolaser turrets (12)
Earliest sighting RgF 204
Present for battles/events
  • RgF 204
  • RgF 205
  • Affiliation Pirate

    Pirate installation, based in an asteroid field.


    Came under attack by Republic Shield forces led by the Frigate Unforgiven. Disabled by Republic Shield forces, and boarded by commandos from the shuttle group Storm, despite the efforts of defending forces. Captured by Republic Shield forces. (RgF204)

    Used by Republic Shield forces as a staging area, to investigate the connection between Imperial forces and the pirates the base was captured from. Site of a scheduled cargo transfer between another group of pirates. The incoming pirates were to deliver the cargo to the installation, to be shipped out to Imperial forces. The courier pirate forces realised the station had been captured, and opened fire upon Republic Shield forces, who fought back and captured the cargo, destroying the incursive forces. (RgF205)


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