Fiona Starfall

Fiona Starfall
Biographical information
Homeworld Coruscant
Date of birth 13:6:22 (28 years old)
Family None - both parents died at Alderaan, no siblings.
Physical description
Species Human, Coruscanti
Gender Female
Height 1.68m (5ft 6in)
Weight 56.7kg (125lbs)
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye colorBrown
Chronological and political information
Era(s) RS Era, ABG Era
Affiliation New Republic
Ranks Second Lieutenant

Major Fiona Starfall, Resurrection 6, has served in the RS since Sep 21, 2007.

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Rebel Squadrons History

Early Life

Fiona Starfall, some said, had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was a daughter of Coruscant, growing up in the higher echelons of society both by birth and by occupation - her mother was a noble of Corulag and later a respected member of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps, and her father was a senior Imperial Navy captain. The couple had Fiona, their only child, much later than the upper class was expected to settle down and raise a family.

From the outset, Fiona was gifted with impressive charisma and an unshakeable will. Although this sometimes made life very difficult for her parents while she was growing up, both of them recognized the potential that their daughter had. Fiona's upbringing was surprisingly carefree, compared to the families that were considered her peers. When the other children were off learning proper manners or preparing musical presentations which their parents could use as political bargaining chips, Fiona was off gallivanting around the Core Systems with her father, who gradually taught her something that would later shape her future: nothing, was more important than principles.

As a thoroughly indoctrinated Imperial child, Fiona's thoughts turned toward a career serving the Empire. Her willpower and hard work allowed her to finish school early and at the top of her class. Seeking a challenge, she turned her eyes toward the uniformed services. Both of her parents wanted her to follow in her mother's footsteps as diplomat, knowing that the combination of her determination and ability to flatter people would have made her an excellent negotiator. However, Fiona had other ideas. On her seventeenth birthday, she entered the Raithal Academy to become an officer in the Imperial Marines, one of the first non-clone stormtroopers the Empire had recruited.

Imperial Service

Raithal taught Fiona many things. She learned how to be a soldier. She learned how to command troops in the field, and about different kind of starships. She even learned to fly TIE fighters at one point, although she only ever flew in sims, never out in combat. The lessons that would shape her future, though, were when she learned how to be an Imperial officer. To her, the Empire really was the bright jewel of the galaxy, upholding freedom and protecting people across every star system. There may have been flaws, but the wrongs were committed by individuals, not by the Empire itself. Ironically, the very idealism and confidence bred into Fiona at Raithal would be what made her turn her back on the Empire.

Four years later, Fiona was wearing the uniform of an Imperial Captain, in charge of the marine company embarked on one of the many Strike Cruisers assigned to patrol the Mid Rim. She spent her days searching for traces of the Rebel Alliance and capturing or killing its members who preyed on innocent Imperial lives. There were times where her conscience bothered her, and she never ordered her company to take more lives than necessary to complete a mission. As far as she was concerned, the Rebels had declared themselves the enemy when they chose to attack the Empire, and there was no reason to let an enemy live unnecessarily.

A New Era

One day, however, everything changed in a flash. Fiona's annual leave was coming up, and she had made plans to meet her parents on Alderaan for a family vacation. Much to her annoyance, her departure from her post was delayed by a day due to an error of paperwork.

It turned out that an error of paperwork would save her life.

Like many others, Fiona was shocked and horrified by the destruction of Alderaan. Her parents had arrived several days before Fiona was scheduled to meet them, and much to her dismay, they had been on the doomed world when the Death Star came into orbit. Worst of all, however, was the Imperial Navy's response: that Alderaan had to be made an example of, and that the people shouldn't grieve for the losses of innocents but celebrate the victory over the Rebellion In Fiona's mind, though, something essential gave way. She had believed for years that the Empire was a good organization that sometimes included bad people, like any organization did; but an order to destroy a planet could only have come from the Emperor himself. if the man controlling the Empire had the corrupt will to order the execution of millions of innocents and the officers of the Imperial military didn't stand against such a cruel and deprived act, then maybe the Empire really was as evil as the Rebels claimed.

Six months later, she resigned her commission as an Imperial officer and retreated to Coruscant. Once there, Fiona was contacted by a childhood friend - or, more accurately, her childhood friend's personal assistant. It turned out the woman had fled Coruscant several years before, around the same time that Fiona had joined the Imperial Marines. Fiona agreed to meet her old playmate on Corulag, her mother's birthplace. Much to Fiona's surprise, the woman was working for Alliance Intelligence.

The friend convinced Fiona to act as an agent in place, passing on juicy bits of gossip from high-society functions back to the Alliance - gossip which, Intelligence found out, had turned out to be more accurate than the bourgeois dilettantes could possibly imagine. Fiona agreed, and for almost a year she passed on small pieces of information to the Alliance. Some of this information turned out to be extremely useful to the Alliance's covert funding streams, which often either relied on or manipulated the large businesses that the Coruscanti aristocrats controlled. Unfortunately, Imperial Intelligence caught a whiff of Fiona's involvement, and the Alliance quickly smuggled her off-world.

Before long, Fiona was back in uniform aboard a starship. This time, however, she was a lieutenant and the leader of a detachment of SpecForce Marines aboard one of the Alliance's blockade runners. For the next several years Fiona was the commander of one of the Alliance's most successful raiding teams, seizing lightly defended Imperial freighters and transporting their contents to Alliance bases all over the galaxy. Fiona participated directly in several key supply raids which helped the Alliance prepare for the Battle of Endor. In the aftermath of the death of the Emperor, Fiona lead several teams of urban guerrillas to help secure her homeworld and ensure a smooth transition to the government of the New Republic.

After a few months, Fiona became restless. She decided to try her hand at a different challenge. The New Republic's fighter corps had been severely diminished after the Battle of Endor, and more pilots were needed to engage the numerous Imperial factions trying to destabilize the newly forming government. Fiona volunteered to be trained as an X-Wing pilot. She carried out her duties well for nearly five years as a member of the Third Fleet, chasing down pirates and the Imperial Remnant.

The Rebel Squadrons

A year ago, Fiona heard the call put out for experienced SpecForce operators. The threat of piracy and desperate assaults from the Imperial Remnant hadn't disappeared, and the New Republic needed its shipborne troopers more than ever. A series of brilliant attacks on key New Republic holdings had made High Command extremely antsy. Sensing an interesting change of pace, Fiona jumped back into the uniform of a Marine. Now, she's taken her expertise to the Rebel Squadrons, hoping for yet another adventure.