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Fleet websites: these are things that each fleet can improve on their website. Some of them are important, and some not so much; but there is something to do on each site, for that fleet's Internet Officer, or whoever maintains the website.

This list was originally made by Licah, but you are free to add your own things, as well as cross off things that are completed or no longer necessary. If you have any questions about a particular item, ask the person who suggested it (probably Licah).

Of prime importance in most of these things is good English; websites are the main place where we want to make sure things are clear and easy to understand, and intelligent :-P

Patriot Battle Fleet

  • News: It'd be good to start posting the latest news here again - this is a great place to list every promotion in the PBF, as well as every new member, results from every mission, and so on. If anyone has some spare time, they could even dig through old NLs and promotion histories to give us some old news too, which is awesome.
  • History: This is woefully inadequate, and we need to get history by year; let's ask someone who really knows some old stuff. I recommend people like GAd, Spokes, MacMan, and whoever else is around that you can think of. As for the commander list, we should ask each of those people, or determine from NLs and rshc postings, when they were appointed. Also, add a XO and SO listing, too.
  • Finish the reporter (Licah's project, probably)
  • Command logs: Maybe you could just combine all the logs in chronological order, since the two XO logs aren't that long. Done :P
  • XO's office: give us some more stuff
  • SO's office: make sure Max is ok with this as his office; he could probably flush it out a bit more, too
  • Comtacs: we need to link this to the RS medal database Each Expert mission has a link to medals now.


  • Academy: Looks like several things here need touching up. e.g. Show a sample mission report. Done.
  • This site is lacking a little bit in professionalism. (Of course, Kyle once told me that what the RS websites need is a little less professionalism - get some human stuff in there)
  • Update for TIE Fighter. done.

Renegade Fleet

  • New Files: it isn't really new anymore, but we might want to keep that file on the main page for easy access
  • Add stuff about Teamspeak to the page - need some content for this.
  • History: Make this its own page and give it a lot more information. That said, anyone have more info?
  • News: There hasn't been any since April 2005, try to help this out!
  • Missions: Make sure to update this with every new mission, it says RgF 4.07 is the current mission. Add Tour 1 & 2 to missions.
  • Mission reporter: Make sure every squadron CO is the owner of their egroup and has everyone's RS email address on their group. At least one member of the RgF CS should be on every egroup, or a Wing CO, to ensure that this is true. Maybe we should start clean with googlegroups or something?
  • 1v1tourn: Move "round 1 reports" to top of page
  • 1v1report: Needs a little more work to make it more melee-specific, but otherwise good
  • Squadrons: This page desperately needs to be updated.
  • Nav: Might it be better to have roster/squadrons/academy right below News? Just a thought.
  • New Buttons!


  • Academy: This site is ok, but maybe have a big ol' "NEXT>>" link on every page for ease of use.
  • Make "instructor guide" only appear if RSID's rank is > 2LT.
  • Show an example .LST file in "Installation".
  • Update "library" page; ops man link is dead; "Roster Office", wtf? Also, we should be able to just point to a RS-wide version of this and remove redundancy. Some things in the RgF will need explaining. Maybe since it's a "library" we can have some "books" for people to read.. like "How long has the RgF been around?" "Who do I go to for help?" etc. Although the first would be covered by a good "History" page on the main site.
  • Pages need reordered and extraneous sections (library.php) removed.
  • New Buttons!
  • Still needs some content edits, including information about Beginner's Path.

Intrepid Battle Group

  • Command: Typos; I'm pretty sure "inable" isn't a word.
  • Logistics: Incorrectly named, call this one "Unit sites" or something.
  • Bylaws: geez, this is a little dry and drawn-out, and seems a little inaccurate - All squadrons need a monthly roll call? Also, some of the links don't work - check all of them. This looks like a Venderism.
  • Does the LIC site no longer work (rs.org/lic)?
  • Medals: The image links don't work; it looks like a fairly simple fix.
  • Make a page that shows you how to fly MP in the WoW, with redist.zip, like RgF has.


  • Missions: Page broken?
  • This website, since the "Installation" link just goes to the IBG ITOD site, seems a little pointless; maybe add things like who the instructors are, how exactly the whole academy thing works, why there is an academy, etc.
  • Apparently "rookie school" and "top gun school" have their websites here, although they're never mentioned. Correct this in one manner or another.

Aurora Force

  • Nav: I prefer right justificiation on the text of the buttons, but eh.
  • Match up the nav links at the bottom with the buttons on the left; we're missing several buttons. Actually, why not just use only buttons, like the other fleets' sites?
  • Encyclopedia: this looks like something worth automating via PHP? interested?
  • I don't really like the "visited" link color; also, I'd really prefer underlines on links, because I find it really hard to distinguish the white from the light grey.
  • Newsletters: Add more that are archived, just having one is a little silly.
  • AFFC: Maybe move the text above the images? I just like to be able to see the information first, if it's not a whole lot.
  • I'm a little confused in general by this site, mostly because it doesn't have a clear organization. I think making updated nav buttons will help.

Redemption Fleet

  • Fix the buttons to match each other - you can use rs.org/buttons/rf/Whatever Text Here. Then save as into your buttons folder.
  • It's kind of a cop-out to just link to the news section on the main RS site - at least use a news section the way IBG does - I think there's a way to do it easily, check the IO site, newsMenu() or something. Try this stuff: http://io.rebelsquadrons.org/functions/newsMenu That way you can have it all be on the RF site itself.
  • Add RID to the main page list of divisions.
  • You should split up the "general information" page into maybe 4 separate pages: Merits, OoB, History, Timeline; that will be easier to navigate.
  • The new History page should incorporate all information from the HO's page on RF in the same format.
  • Main page: Swap the division listing and "how to become a division" - most people are probably interested in the division listing, so place it higher.
  • Is it Allegiance Battle Group or Allegiance Wing? Make the references and roster match - if it's Battle Group, you probably will have to write "Allegiance BG" or something on the button. I think they're still calling themselves ABG though.
  • the music is pretty amazing, guys. I also dig the giraffe. Maybe you could write "Redemption Fleet" on it somewhere and make it your official logo.

Vanguard Fleet

  • The news section is huge on most pages. The coding for the design needs work in general. Although I think TJ was considering making you guys a new design.
  • The H in HIER is Honesty, not Honor.
  • Links: I am sure that there are more links you can put on here.
  • Forums: Fine, except change the sentence to something like "Click here to remove this frame".
  • Maybe write something about what makes the RS PA special. The FAQ kinda covers that, but it's better to have a page devoted to it. Say why people have heard of it, what its strengths are, what its weaknesses are, etc. Otherwise I think this site has enough information.