Galactic Navigation

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Cardinal Directions

The Galaxy, being 3D space, the cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west just aren't enough to properly give orientation in the galaxy. Listed below are the galactic cardinal directions and what they correspond to.


This direction corresponds to the the region "above" the galactic equator. Traveling galactic-north corresponds to movement "up" the z-axis, which corresponds to the galactic axis.

In the "true" galactic coordinate system (as opposed to the Coruscant system, which establishes Coruscant as 0,0,0), Coruscant is established as being in the galaxy's northern hemisphere.


Galactic-south opposes galactic-north, and it is the region "below" the galactic equator. Traveling galactic-south is equal to movement "down" the z-axis.


Galactic-east is the direction which corresponds to the region "east" of an arbitrary meridian established by the early explorers of the Republic as the Coruscant-Teta Meridian. Travel "forwards" along the x-axis is moving to the galactic-east.

Coruscant lies on the meridian, while Corellia is galactic-east of the galactic center. The Slice lies within the galaxy's eastern quadrant.


The opposing direction to galactic-east, the region "west" of the Coruscant-Teta Meridian. Movement galactic-west corresponds to travel backwards" along the x-axis.


Established by early Republic navigators and scientists, galactic-spinward corresponds to the "northern" compass point when the galactic map is viewed from a point north of the galactic disc. This direction corresponds to the region "west" of the Rendili Meridian, while travel galactic-spinward corresponds to movement "left" on the y-axis.

The orientation of this direction was established by established a meridian 90° to the Coruscant-Teta Meridian, the name was established by theoretically looking galactic-east from the galactic center: "left" was spinward, "right" was antispinward. Thus, the terms galactic-spinward and galactic-antispinward stuck, and the meridian was named the Rendili Meridian, as the key Core World of Rendili lay upon it.


The opposing direction to galactic-spinwards, galactic-antispinwards corresponds to the region "east" of the Rendili Meridian. Travel galactic-antispinwards is movement "right" on the y-axis.

Relative Directions

Listed below are four of the relative directions in galactic navigation.


Movement towards the Galactic Core.


Movement away from the Galactic Core, towards the Outer Rim.


Movement counter-clockwise relative of a position.


Movement clockwise relative of a position.

Example: Corellia is antispinwards of Coruscant. Travel from Coruscant to Corellia means traveling clockwise from Coruscant.