Galen McGrath

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Member Profile
Galen McGrath
Career Information
Callsign Sandman
Full RS Name Galen Kalashnikov McGrath
A.K.A. McGruff, McSnuff, McFluff
Rank Commander
Join Jul 06, 2012
Current Status Semi-Active
Current Station Windstorm 2
Other Current Positions Diamond CO, Diamond 1
Past Positions of note Red 9, Red XO, Red CO, Diamond CO, Diamond XO
Recruited by Ta'Re Djo
Personal Information (fictional)
Homeworld Corellia
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 6'1
Weight 165 lbs.
Hair color dirty blonde
Eye color blue
Personal Information (Real Life)
Name Bryan Edgerton
Gender Male
Location Wilson, NC
Age 24
Occupation LOL

Galen came from a planet called Tralus. His family was Imperial aligned. His father fought the droids in the Clone Wars while his mother worked in production. Galen himself went into the Imperial Academy on Corellia, to train to be a fighter pilot.

Galen did well in the Academy. He didn’t blaze through all his classes, but he did his best work in the simulator. Also in his class was the son of a high ranking Imperial Fleet officer, Trogdon Slynt. This guy, Synder, was fairly good at what he did, but it was obvious he was being fast tracked through the Academy due to his father’s influence.

The Academy squadron he and Synder were in, Obelisk Squad, was one of the better squads in the Corellian Academy records. They were good enough to even go on live fire patrols and strike missions. Obelisk Squad was involved in several strikes on Separatist holdouts and pirate outposts.

Synder was being pushed as the best of the best, but when Galen showed him up in the simulator Final Exam, he cried to daddy, and he had Galen framed for (incident TBD). Galen fled home to try to get things sorted out. He explained the situation to his parents. His father, a staunch Imperial, reported him to the authorities. He tried to stop Galen as he fled to the family transport, a VCX-100 light freighter, but his mother Helena tried to protect him. An Imperial Security force arrived to collect Galen, but he was already near the ship. His mother took a stun bolt to the head, leading to her brain and nervous system being fried. In his fury at the death of his mother, he pulled out his DC-15s (strangely enough, an Academy entrance present from his father) and fired off shots at his would-be captors. He struck 2 troopers and got his father in the shoulder with a round. Coming back to his senses, he dragged his mother’s body on board the Florian’s Folly, (insert R2-G0 bit here) and shot up through Tralus’s atmosphere. He set the astromech to plot a hyperjump to a planet away from the area (possibly some place he could bury his mother. She always loved the idea of relocating to an ocean planet, maybe Mon Calamari or Chandrilla?)

Imperial searches (and the fact he shot his father) meant he couldn’t return home. So, he set to finding somewhere to set up home. He made a couple transport runs, and then an Imperial warship caught up to him. He fled and kept fleeing until he ran into RS forces (at Greeop, possibly). They fought off the Imperial pursuit, and he joined up. He had heard that his “ol’ buddy Synder” was stationed on an SSD, so he hoped his service with the RS would lead to a fortuitous encounter with the little corpuscle that basically ruined his life.

He fairly quickly grew accustomed to the controls of the T-65 X-Wing.