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To become the leading website on the internet for information and materials relating to the Star Wars games that we play.

How to do it

First, pick a game that you want to expand upon. Our goal is to provide on our website everything that is related to that game that we can find. Then, you can help out with the following things:

More information and tips are available at the links below.

  • About the game - basics about the game, like release data, controls, storyline, built-in levels, etc.
  • Screenshots - images of the game in action - or even video
  • Tech support - solutions for various technical game problems
  • Strategy - tips on getting better at any part of the game, whether general help or specific levels
  • Custom levels - new levels/missions that others have made for the game
  • Mods - things that change or add new functionality to the game
  • Links - websites related to the game; a helpful reference list for others

You can add these things to the pages for the games below.


Significant content

Small existing pages

Pages not created yet

See List of Star Wars games.


Excerpt from Licah's email to High Command:

Game information - This was what I hoped my legacy would be to the RS, but
I ran out of energy to finish it.  Basically, and you may have heard me
talk about this before, make the RS site be THE #1 place to go for
information on ANY Star Wars game, or if not any, then the ones we play.
Make our site second to none for information.  Include absolutely
everything related to the game, including forums, and link everywhere
there is.  The point is comprehensiveness, although also clear
organization and usefulness.  I almost would recommend scouring the
internet on places like eBay and amazon to keep track of available copies
to buy, as another service to guests, but that is extremely
labor-intensive (we tried it for a week) so I'd recommend against it.  The
difficulty here is obvious: putting together the manpower to amass such
information.  I'm not talking just stuff about when the game was released
and stuff, I'm talking about a user manual, tutorial, strategy for the
game, hints/cheats, mods, screenshots, video clips, links, tech support
(FAQs), seriously whatever we can include, do.  The more we add, the more
the site becomes -the- place to go to, and that will drive everyone to us,
not us to them.  I have left out custom missions/levels, which I will
cover more fully below.  You also need people (or maybe just one person)
with an excellent sense of design, who can oversee the project and make
sure it's all in as presentable a format as possible, preferably someone
who's studied web design (ease of use), and hopefully has played all these
games so that they know what everything is referring to.  I tried to be
this person and I burned out on the project, but that is chiefly because I
tried to get ALL the information myself as well, and I think that's more
the work of a dozen working in tandem.  I think that dozen could use a
wiki, and then transfer the information from the wiki to the actual site.
While the Beginner's Path keeps people here, this would bring them to our
site in droves.  I would really love to see this project happen, but it's
going to take a few willing souls to step up to the plate.
Needed: Some folks that are willing to give a fair amount of time and know
how to scour the internet.  Someone(s) willing to organize the whole
project and keep its momentum moving forward.  IO staff to provide website
support with hosting mods, uploading the finished pages, etc.