Garors Base

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Golan I Defence Platform.jpg
Garors Base
Production information
Class Golan I Space Defense SpaceGun
Technical specifications
Length 1231 meters
Shielding 3200 SBD
Hull 1520 RU
Earliest sighting Blade 101
Present for battles/events Blade 101

Neutral station, based near an old red star (#86) and a white star with bright halo (#88). Reportedly rife with pirates, mercenaries and unsavoury characters looking to pick a fight.


Republic Shield investigative forces, led by the corvette Kappa, visited the station looking for information on a suspected Imperial outpost in the region. The corvette Kappa docked with the station to contact the smuggler informant Broleebi while Republic Shield forces maintained area security. Hostile pirate forces entered the area and opened fire on the Republic Shield forces, which annihilated the attack force in return. Once the meeting was concluded, the corvette Kappa led Republic Shield forces out of the area, to continue their investigation elsewhere. (Blade101)


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