Gavin Cantorph Kravis

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Gavin Cantorph Kravis
Biographical information
Homeworld Corsin; Unknown birth world
Date of birth 23 BBY

Biological Parents
Names: Unknown except for the name Kravis inscribed on one of his lightsabers (family heirloom)
Adopted Parents
Mother: Sarah Junyte Unther, age 48, currently living on Corsin
Father: Kilden Wilcove Unther, Dead, buried on Corsin
Biological Siblings
Sister: Loryan Kravis, age 25
Brother: Name and location of sibling is classified
Adopted Siblings

Brother: Col. Jetoe Dertyuip Unther of the RS, age 31, currently MIA
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.93 meters
Weight 110 kg.
Hair color Dark Brown with Silver streaks on the sides
Eye colorGreen/Brown with Gold Flakes
Distinguishing features

Physical Features:
Scar across left eye (from eyebrow to mid cheek) caused by vibroblade
Burn mark on right shoulder caused by a blaster bolt
Burn mark on stomach caused by a lightsaber slash.
Weapons of Choice:
Twin grey sabres (both handles extend for extra leverage and momentum)
Ancient twin blaster pistols
Ancient Vibroknucklers
Throwing Vibroblades
Throwing lightstars
Shortened Storm Trooper Blaster Carbine
Vehicles of Choice:
Mod. A-Wing (Smoldering Splinter)

Corellian YI-730 Warsprite (Starlight Glory)
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Rebel Squadrons, New Jedi Order, Alliance to Restore the Republic, Alliance of Free Planets, New Republic, Galactic Empire, Burning Blade Alliance
Associations Draklar Kravis Yards, Corsin Shipyards
Ranks Rear Admiral
Titles Vice-Minister of Justice


Former Fleet Commander, Former Renegade Fleet Commanding Officer, Former Minister of Justice and Honorary HC, Former Red Dragon Squadron Commanding Officer.

Rebel Squadrons History

RA Gavin Cantorph Kravis, member since February of 1998, has served in the RS in a variety of ways, including leadership positions in the Academy and RgF as well as in the former Department of Internal Affairs. It was his service as RgF CO (appointed on 9/11/2001) that catapulted him to the position of Fleet Commander in September of 2003. He served as the ninth FC of the RS until February 2005. He was a member of the Council of Justice as a Minister from November 2006 until February 2014, when the Council was retired, and sat on High Command as an Honorary Member. Additionally, he served as an Assistant Minister of Justice from c. 2000-2001. Formerly Kravis flew and commanded Red Dragon Squadron in the VSG (formerly RgF).

History Outside of the RS

Kravis also operates an independent fighting force, known as the Burning Blade Alliance (BBA). This is an anti-Imperial force, comprised largely of small, heavily armed craft, such as the YZ-775, YZ-790, YI-730 Warsprite Starlight Glory, Freedom Star Destroyer, and Marauder Corvettes to name a few. These forces are based out of a deep space station/repair yard near the Corsin systems, known as the Draklar Kravis Yards (or DKY). Kravis is known as the Supreme Kommander of the BBA, and leads these forces along with his sister and brother. Through their adopted ties, the Kravis' own much of the shipybuilding corporation known as the Corsin Shipyards, a creator of mass production craft under 1000 meters in length. The BBA has been known to come to the aid of the RS in several circumstances, most notably the Aurora Force and occasionally the Renegade Fleet.


The person known as Gavin Kravis is a respected leader of the Rebel Squadrons, as well as a knowledgeable practitioner of the Jedi arts. He can be found either on Xenen, the AF planet of operations; Blerthmore, the VSG planet of operations; or on missions for either body. While in the AF he takes on the roll of a field commander or Jedi leader, rather than an actual administrative leader, despite his rank. However, he is the current commanding officer of the Red Dragon Squadron in the VSG. Gavin's past is not something that he is incredibly proud of. When he was very young, no more than four, he along with his brother and sister were orphaned. It is unknown, but assumed, that his parents did in fact perish. The Kravises were adopted not long after, but retained their birth names. The children were largely raised by nanny droids before their parents died, so they knew very little of their biological origins. For most of their childhood they attempted to learn of their ancestors, to no avail. The Kravises' adopted family hails from Corsin and are the owners of the Corsin Shipyards, a large supplier of small to medium sized capitol ships (such as the EF76-B Nebulon-class escort frigate and Strike-class Medium Cruiser), as well as virtually all common freighter types. The Kravises' adopted family, the Unthers, were a liberal political entity, but still supported the Empire (up until just prior to the battle of Yavin).
Gavin's adopted brother, Jetoe Unther, joined the Imperial Navy, at age 18, and Gavin followed him (only 16 at the time), as they were very close in age and very affectionate of each other. They were split up after basic training and did not see each other for many years. Two years before the battle of Yavin, Jetoe was reported to have defected. Gavin attempted to make contact with his brother, but met with no success. Throughout his career in the Imperial Navy, Gavin rose rapidly in the ranks. This career included a stint as one of Vader's Judges, similar in nature to the Emperor's Hands.
This leads into Gavin's force adeptness. He and his two siblings found at an early age that they had extraordinary abilities. Unfortunately at this time, the Jedi purge in full force so their lives would have been in jeopardy had their force abilities become public knowledge. Therefore their adopted parents merely stated that their children were “gifted”, and used their political pull to keep their children safe. It was not until Gavin was in his late teens, that the source of his gifts revealed. At that point in time, Gavin was already a rising Naval Fighter commander, aboard one of the Star Destroyers in Vader's Death Squadron. Vader took Gavin and two other officers, also with force abilities, under his direct tutelage. These three would become Vader's Judges, similar to the Emperor's Hands, who would do Vader's bidding by eliminating threats and bringing "justice" to areas of "conflict". In one mission, one of the Judges turned on Gavin and his companion, because the traitor was being influenced by an, at the time, unknown dark presence. Gavin's loyal companion was fatally wounded in the ensuing battle, while the traitor escaped. Gavin would have pursued, but his own wounds to his shoulder and stomach, from the traitor's blaster and lightsabre respectively, prevented him. The Judges were dissolved, and Gavin was placed back in a command position in the Imperial Fleet, taking with him his Judge equipment as well as the lightsabre of his departed comrade. The traitor was later tracked down on a mission with the Aurora Force and killed by Gavin's hand.
During his tenure as a Judge, Kravis was given authorization to information on the Jedi, and turned to this data when he left Vader's shadow - in secret of course. Over the years following the dissolution of the Judges, he trained in the Force, not dwelling on the differentiation of light and dark. This view of the force made him more or less a Gray Jedi. During this time he had "training" under a few force users, both light and dark, and completed his training with the construction of his own lightsabre (in addition to the one he constructed under Vader). This new weapon was a double olive bladed weapon that he used up until arriving on Xenen. Before reaching Xenen; however, he trained not only his biological siblings, but also New Republic officers Tech Krill and Damie LaCarde. He has overseen many force adepts and acts as a mentor when called upon, but since Krill, has not taken on another padawan. Gavin's powers are varied, because of his training, so that much of his ability is in combat, deception, and energy absorption. Telekinesis and Premonitions are not strong points, but are for his sister.
Shortly before the battle of Yavin, Gavin was ordered to take his fleet, now a Rear Admiral of the Imperial Navy, and engage a rebel task force, which he found was commanded by his own adopted brother who had defected two years prior. Gavin could not bring himself to fire upon his brother, thus committing treason by allowing his brother's fleet to escape. In the hours following the incident Gavin announced his intentions to defect as well, and was joined by the bulk of his forces (including all the vessels) that were extremely loyal to his command. Those staying with the Empire were loaded on transport craft and dropped off at a nearby Imperial outpost. For a few years prior to this event the Corsin Space Yards, under Gavin's secret order, were creating a mobile space yard facility in deep space, near the Minos Cluster. When Gavin defected, he took his forces there to use the facility as a base of operations.
In the years following, he created a revolutionary group, called the Burning Blade Alliance, which was similar in basic nature to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, but was closer to a mercenary/privateer organization. Because of this demographic he attracted groups to him that would not necessarily join the Alliance. His mobile space station, as well as a number of other smaller bases, manufactured various products, mostly war material, which was either sold off (through the black market or various Corsin corporations) or added to the BBA forces. The BBA fleet, while largely secret, has come to the aid of the Alliance and New Republic, most notably the Rebel Squadrons, as well as the Hapes Consortium (where he courted a prominant admiral-duchess, gained an alliance of sorts, adding two Hapes Nova Battle Cruiser (from two different instances) to his fleet). Besides vessels that came with rebellion groups, the BBA shipyards produce war craft and the group has stolen vessels from Imperial forces (and from occasional criminal organizations or CSA units). Most of the fleet's duties are hit and eradicate missions (to remove evidence) or territorial defense. When Gavin resigned from the RS, it was because his territory was under invasion. This invasion cost him nearly a third of his vessels, which he has since built back to a smaller, more compact fleet.
Gavin joined the Alliance just prior to the Battle of Endor, leaving BBA fleet command in his sister's hands, and administrative leadership in his brother's. The reasons for joining the Alliance are unknown, but to Gavin himself. At the time, he entered the Alliance fleet as a pilot with his personal A-Wing. After a few years in the Alliance he transferred his tour of duty to the Renegade Fleet, a fighter corps unit in the Rebel Squadrons, then under the command of Lucas Benoit-Stark. Not long after, he joined the Academy, as an instructor, and the Aurora Force - a new special strike force that could utilize his Force abilities. He has remained in these units his entire tenure, as well as joining other special commands. Throughout his tenure as an RS member, he has served as overall RS Under-Graduate Commanding Officer and Renegade Fleet Commanding Officer, among other lesser positions. In addition he was also the Fleet Commander of the Rebel Squadrons, the ninth leader, for some time before stepping down due to family concerns. Currently he serves the Rebel Squadrons through the Council of Justice as a Minister of Justice. Gavin plans on remaining active in the RS, until such time as the Empire is vanquished, or the BBA needs him. Until then, he'll make sure that his sights are targeting the enemy.

Real Background

The Character, Gavin Kravis, was created in 1996 as the central character in a fan story: Fugitive Dreams. At the same time, the creator of this character also joined a group known as the "Certain Point of View" round robin writing group. The fan story was lost in a computer harddrive crash, only a few pages of which are available. The character lived on in this writing group until 1998, when Kravis moved to the Rebel Squadrons, joining the Renegade Fleet and the Aurora Force. It was in the Aurora Force that the character's backstory was fleshed out, including the existence of the Burning Blade Alliance, the creation of relatives, and other such aspects. When Kravis joined the RS, his powers and holdings were far too extreme to be considered realistic, as was pointed out by one Indiana Bridger, resulting in the appearance of BBA vessels kept at a minimum.

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