Gavin Starseeker

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Gavin "Seeks" Starseeker is a promising young RS officer who joined the RS in September 2006. He has already won Top Gun honors in the PBF and is also a member of VSG and of the RID. Most recently (December 2006) he was appointed RS Historical Officer and is now busily at work trying to piece together the history of the RS.

Another thing that Seeks is renowned for in the RS is taking on any task that another member needs, regardless of difficulty, length, pointiness, and sliminess. Essentially, if you need/want something done, send him an email and its likely he'll respond :) After all, Michael Raven's not the only guy around here who does lots of things all at once...


Various Tasks Completed

  • Finish making medals for the ABG.
  • Make PBF 7.10X mission.
  • Make PBF 7.12X mission.
  • Coordinate VSG/RID/CD 105.
  • Do logistics stuff for PBF for David Vaughan. **All Tour Logistics Complete!**
  • Command Ragnarok Squadron (VSG)
  • Command Gold Squadron (PBF)
  • Write a narrative for Dragon Squadron for their Tour.
  • Do some map stuff for Vaughan.
  • Make uber-cool sector map for Vaughan.
  • Make some ribbons for the Academy.

As they are completed, more items will be added here over time.

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