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Please note that this location is used by the Allegiance Battle Group, and due to timeline complexity will reflect only information related to the ABG's storylines, as opposed to the mainstream RS storyline.

Region Outer Rim
Sector Greeop Sector
System Baphomet system
Suns 1: Baphomet
Moons 1: Vertigo
Orbital Distance 9.5 AUs
Diameter 150,252 km
Planetary class Gas Giant
Atmosphere Type III (Not Breathable)
Gravity Heavy (2.35 Standard)
Surface water None
Primary terrain None
Length of Day 112 Standard Hours
Length of Year 563.4 Local Days
Population None
Native species None
Immigrated species None
Official language None
Government None
Affiliation New Republic
Exports None
Import None

Gorgo, a gas giant, dwarfs even Shiva with its immense size. Gorgo's atmosphere is far to dense for even the most precise scanning instruments to penetrate, thus little is known of this world other than it's outside appearance. Bright red gasses make up the visible layer of Gorgo, earning it the nickname "Big Red." Very little light penetrates the planet, which in turn makes it appear to glow, almost like a small star. The reflected red light acts as a warning to system travelers, for Gorgo's powerful gravitational field has been known to pull many things into its crushing belly including, researchers say, a former second moon. A large dark spot exists roughly 40% north of the equator where scientists say the site of the impact is located. Gorgo's second moon, Vertigo, is also continuously pulled by the planet, which explains it's irrational and extreme axil tilt and very fast rotation.