Greeop Defense Force

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The Greeop Defense Force (GDF) is the first of two task groups operational in the Rebel Squadrons as of 44GrS. It was formed in the aftermath of the destructive Battle of Blerthmore, when the vast bulk of Republic Shield forces were assembled into the Subterrel Strike Force and sent forth to wage war in the Subterrel Sector. The GDF are tasked with the protection of the home territories of the RS, which includes keeping peace, law and order in the regions.


The head of the GDF is the Fleet Commander of the overall task force, Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris. His unofficial Deputy is Admiral Rahj Tharen. Logistics Officer David Vaughan keeps shipping and supplies flowing through the myriad RS regions, and Admiral Joshua Hawkins heads up the RS-specific counter-intelligence duties.


At the formation of the GDF in 44:3, the GDF had only four warships in its arsenal. These were:

  • Victory II-class Star Destroyer Peril (Admiral Trebonious-Astoris's flagship)
  • Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser End of Days
  • Strike-class medium cruiser Apostate
  • Assassin-class corvette Marauder

Within a month, three additional ships had been added to the Order of Battle:

In 44:5, the PSG Task force returned to Greeop and was absorbed by the GDF. The following ships became a part of the GDF arsenal:


The Battle of Blerthmore was the most devastating defeat ever suffered by the RS. The fleet was decimated. Still, RS Command decided to try to strike back at the enemy that had struck them this blow. Within a month of the battle, the RS had formed the Subterrel Strike Force from its remaining ships and dispatched it to the Subterrel Sector to find the enemy. Then-FC Dave Trebonious-Astoris had planned to lead this strike force, but was convinced that the RS home systems needed his presence, especially after the devastating battle. After much deliberation, he decided to remain behind in the Greeop Sector to reassure the worlds in RS space and to try to rebuild the infrastructure of the fleet.

The departure of the Subterrel Strike Force left Dave with very few ships. He had his personal ship, the Peril, which he made his flagship. Unfortunately, it was the largest vessel left in the entire sector. He reserved for himself the End of Days, Apostate and Marauder, which had all survived the Battle of Blerthmore. The small flotilla of four ships was christened the Greeop Defense Force, which explained its purpose and goal. Until the Subterrel Strike Force returns to RS space, the Fleet Admiral has only the GDF to assist him in calming fearful populations, rebuilding bases and facilities, and protecting RS worlds from attack by the unscrupulous.

The GDF has been involved in several small-scale operations since the departure of the SSF. On 44:3:31, the Peril and Marauder defeated a small pirate force in the T'seran system of the Tarla Sector. Several days later on 3:34, the Halberd finished construction at the Eagle's Nest Shipyard and was pressed into service as the fifth vessel of the GDF. A week later, the Corvette Shadowblen arrived in the Greeop system and was incorporated into the GDF, further boosting its size.

Unfortunately, on 44:4:23 the Halberd was destroyed in a shocking terrorist attack, once again reducing the size of the hard-pressed GDF.

By 44:5, the PSG Task Force had returned to RS space in the Greeop Sector. Although the ships of this task force were worn out by months of heavy campaigning in the Minos Cluster, they were soon put into top order and pressed into business. Greatly increased in size and capability by this addition, the GDF has begun to go on the offensive against hostile forces in surrounding RS space.


Fictional Integrity

With the out-of-character resignation of Dave from the position of Fleet Commander, it was decided that until the current tour is over; fictionally, he will remain as Fleet Commander. Raven will continue to serve, fictionally, as RSXO until such time as the Subterrel Strike Force returns home. The Logistics Office feels that this will serve the integrity of the storyline the most; and prevent any 'leaps of logic' from being necessary. Dave has graciously offered to continue writing FC narratives, so fictionally; nothing has happened even with the shake-up of the RS command structure following his resignation.