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Greeop System

Greeop system is the primary system of the Greeop Sector. The Greeop system contains the inhabited worlds of Tarsonis, the sector capital, and Blerthmore, the location of Rebel Squadrons' Fleet Domed Command Complex, which is now seriously damaged and uninhabited. The system lies near the center of the Greeop Nebula which makes navigation to the system difficult.

The Greeop system is linked to the rest of the galaxy by the Rimma Trade Route. It is linked to Bethlamore and the Baphomet system by the Greeop Trail, an offshot of the Nitram Lutha Hyperboulevard.


From the Planet Database:

"The Greeop system was going to be the primary location of the New Republic forces in this frontier border sector of the Outer Rim. However, because the system is exposed to possible attack by factions of Imperial forces, it was decided by Admiral Ackbar to use the star system as a front line base with the Rebel Squadrons assigned to its already completed facilities. The Greeop system is now a key area to the New Republic in its sphere of influence of the Outer Rim, for it borders Imperial Space and the oft fought over Minos Cluster. The Rebel Squadrons have since secured the Greeop system and been the key to the stalemate of further Imperial aggression in the area. Since then, the RS had an enormous Imperial attack, and was forced to abandon planet Blerthmore. The new base is now located on Tarsonis."[[1]]



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Behind the scenes

This fictional solar system was originally created by FC Super in 1996 as part of planned operations between Emperor's Hammer and the Rebel Squadrons called the Minos Conflict, which was originally laid out in the Encyclopædia Terrestricana, ca. 1996. The Greeop system was established as the fictional headquarters of the Rebel Squadrons, and remained the RS' only fictional territorial holdings until the RS won the Minos Conflict. Greeop system stories have since taken on a life of their own, becoming one of the center pieces of RS fiction.


Two major revisions have been made to the Greeop system documentation since its creation in 1996: Second Edition edited and rewritten by Jared Fallick/Rahj Tharen with David Parnell/Dave Trebonious-Astoris - September 24, 2000; and Third Edition edited and rewritten by Jared Fallick/Rahj Tharen - May 23, 2001.[[2]]


Its original spelling was Greoop, but over time changed to the modern spelling of Greeop. It is pronounced the same with either spelling. The former spelling is still common in Rebel Squadrons useage, but usually not directly associated with the Planet Database.[[3]]


Encyclopædia Terrestricana

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