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Grey-Alpha Squadron
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The X-Wing Academy was the first section of the Rebel Squadrons Academy to be activated. It was modelled after the best of the active Squadrons - Grey Squadron. When the X-Wing Academy began, Grey assumed the responsibility of being a "host" squadron for the X-Wing cadets - which meant that the cadets were actually made part of Grey and shared in all the normal functions and activities.

In the beginning, when X-Wing was very popular, Grey was host to an average of 100 cadets every week! When Grey finished their third Tour of Duty, which they had shared in it's entirety with the cadets, they were released from further Academy duty, and a new host squadron was begun, Grey-Alpha.

Grey Alpha was staffed entirely with X-Wing Honour graduates - officers who had previously graduated "with honours" from the X-Wing Academy - and Grey's Tour 2 was rereleased. Grey Alpha's members each lead a "flight group" comprised of a number of current cadets.

While the host squadron engages in the normal routines of club activity it also provides examples of high-level in-character participation. In this manner it was hoped that the new members would be shown as many techniques in "quality participation" and "characterization" as possible.