Guardian Wing

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Guardian Wing Logo.jpg
Guardian Wing
General Information
Founder(s) (Unknown)
Leader MGN Rekio Corsair
Notable members Richard Gross
Historical Information
Founding 1999
Reorganization 2005
Dissolution 21 November 2006
Other Information
Assigned to CRS Ad Astra, STRKC Kayak
Part of Renegade Fleet

Guardian Wing was one of two starfighter wings in the Renegade Starfigher Group, part of the Republic's Outer Rim Task Force.

In 2005, Guardian Wing merged with elements from Defense Operations Wing to form a conglomerate wing which retained the name Guardian. Guardian Wing retained two active squadrons (Dragon & Twilight) and one inactive squadron (Wyvern) and also gained one active (Red Dragon) and one inactive (Jedi) squadron from Defense Operations Wing.

The MC80 Star Cruiser Ad Astra is the command ship of Guardian Wing and Renegade Starfigher Group. Along with its support ships, the Nebulon-B Unforgiven and the Strike Cruiser Kayak, the primary objectives of Guardian Wing are reconnaissance and hit-and-fade strikes. However, Guardian can operate as an independent unit taking on operations ranging from rescue to heavy assault. Two examples of such instances are Operation Viper and Operation Daybreak.

Guardian Wing currently consists of two active squadrons, Dragon and Red Dragon. Dragon Squadron, stationed aboard the Strike Cruiser Kayak, has a primary mission hit-and-fade of and a secondary mission of recon. Red Dragon Squadron, stationed aboard the Nebulon-B Unforgiven, has a primary mission of assault and a secondary mission of rescue/capture.