H'Sai IV

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H'Sai IV
Region Outer Rim
Sector Binaural Sector
System Faltera system
Suns 1:
Moons 1: none
Orbital Distance 4.32 AU
Diameter 4,610 km
Planetary class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I
Gravity Light (0.69 Standard))
Climate Temperate (-2° to 35°C)
Primary terrain Mostly Grassland
Length of Day 16 Standard Hours
Length of Year 178 Standard Days
Population 710,000
Native species Human
Official language Basic
Government New Republic
Affiliation New Republic
Exports Foodstuffs
Import Technology

Primary Millitary Facilities

  • none

Primary Civilian Facilities

  • Multiple Agricultural Ventures
  • Planet side Starport Gimstra

The last point of note within this system is a small but lush, hydrated mini-planet that orbits the gas giant H'Sai. The surface is separated into three large land masses that are disjointed by a planetary-wide ocean. With an atmosphere cognizant to the support of humanoid life, and it’s relatively secluded location in the galaxy; it is of no surprise that hundreds of thousands of colonists have arrived on this world to make it one of the most peaceful gems that still exist within the galaxy.