Hammer of Justice

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Strike-class medium cruiser.jpg
Hammer of Justice
Production information
Class LDI Strike-class medium cruiser
Technical specifications
Length 450 meters
Height/depth 90 meters
Maximum speed (space) 18 mglt
Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 12
  • Shielding 2,560 SBD
    Hull 1,520 RU
  • Turbolaser cannons (20)
  • Turbolaser batteries (10)
  • Ion cannons (10)
  • Tractor beam projectors (10)
  • Complement

    Depends on configuration

  • Griffin Squadron
  • Shuttle Animus
  • Transport Arrow Head
  • Transport Rye Catcher
  • Crew
  • Crew (2,112)
    • General Crew (1,972)
    • Gunners (140)
  • Minimum crew 800
    Passengers 2,040 troops
    Cargo capacity 6,000 metric tons
    Consumables 1.5 years
  • Frigate
  • Carrier
  • Affiliation Rebel Squadrons
    Known crewmembers Evan Rule, Barman
    Known commander(s) Captain Renard B. Caedo

    The Hammer of Justice is a Republic Shield LDI Strike-class medium cruiser that is currently assigned to the Greeop Defence Force.


    The Hammer of Justice

    Part of task force led by the wounded Star Destroyer Prometheus that responded to a distress signal from a freighter convoy in the neutral Vivianas system under Imperial attack was received. Arrived to take part in the counterattack against Imperial forces attacking civilian craft, but was unable to prevent the entire convoy from being destroyed. Local Vivianas defence forces joined with Republic Shield forces in striking back, destroying the Dreadnaught Vibraxo, the Carrack Cruiser Tantis, the modified corvette Evian, and the accompanying Imperial starfighter forces. (R2F701)

    Travelled ahead as part of Republic Shield task force headed by the Star Destroyer Liberator to the base in the Aecreas system, while the Star Destroyer Prometheus remained in the Vivianas system for repairs from the thankful Vivianas governor. Departed with Republic Shield task force, with the Prometheus acting as escort, to the Tricea system, where the task force led by the Star Destroyer Liberator moved onto the planet New Trassk, leaving the Prometheus to return to the Aecreas system. (R2F702)

    Arrived at the rendezvous point for Republic Shield forces before heading out into the Desdemona Sector to investigate reports of missing warships. Part of Sentinel task force led by the Star Destroyer Liberator. Reinforced the Star Destroyer Prometheus’s forces at the rendezvous point, repulsing the Imperial invaders led by the Modified Frigate Pronota. (R2F800)

    Masqueraded as the pirate Strike Cruiser Tongs during a capture mission on an Imperial supply route in the Havion system on the outskirts of the Osiris Sector. Delivered Republic Shield forces disguised as pirates to the Imperial supply route near the planets Havion III and IV before withdrawing to beyond the engagement zone to prevent Imperial forces seeing trough the deception. Republic Shield forces successfully disabled the convoy freighters of the Imperial Logistics Corps, defeating the defensive forces launched from them. Launched the shuttle Animus, and the transports Arrow Head and Rye Catcher, which micro-jumped into the combat zone and captured the freighters. Once the freighters had all been seized, the boarding parties jumped out of the system and returned to the vessel. The vessel then jumped back in system to collect Republic Shield forces, their mission completed successfully as the captured freighters has entered hyperspace. (R2F900)

    Joined with the Star Destroyer Prometheus, the Strike Cruiser Hammer of Justice and Republic Shield forces to see General Leitbur aboard the shuttle Bur'kla safely from the Prometheus to the Greeop system. However, Imperial forces led by the Indominable entered the area and engaged the Prometheus and defending Republic Shield forces. While Republic Shield and Imperial forces engaged each other the shuttle Bur’kla unexpectedly flew to the Star Destroyer Indominable and entered its hangar. Imperial and Republic Shield forces continued battling while the Indominable withdrew from the combat zone immediately after the Bur’kla was safely aboard, stranding Imperial forces in the combat zone. The vessel helped co-ordinate the annihilation of the remaining Imperial forces. (R2F901)

    While disguised as a pirate vessel, led Republic Shield forces disguised as pirates against an Imperial convoy transporting stolen Republic Shield materiél. Co-ordinated the attempt to disable and capture the Imperial convoy, however Imperial forces led by the Modified Frigate Seraph entered the combat zone and ambushed the vessel, engaging it directly. The Seraph and its forces overwhelmed the vessel and its defences, forcing it to withdraw from the combat zone. However the Modified Frigate Seraph was not deterred, and maintained a close pursuit, bombarding the vessel without mercy. Republic Shield forces rallied to protect the vessel, causing the destruction of the Imperial frigate. The vessel successfully escaped from the ambush; however the Imperial convoy managed to escape from the system. (R2F902)

    Part of Republic Shield task force led by the Dreadnaught Cybrus that tangled with Imperial forces led by the Star Destroyer Impeccable, luring the Imperial task force to a Republic Shield ambush led by the Star Destroyer Prometheus and facilitated by the Interdictor Chains of Justice at the site of a newly captured Imperial outpost, situated somewhere along the route between Havion system and Ostia VI. The Dreadnaught Cybrus and the vessel, heavily battered from engaging Imperial forces, entered the ambush zone with the Imperial task force in fast pursuit. The Chains of Justice activated its interdiction field, forcing the Star Destroyer Impeccable’s task force out of hyperspace a fair distance from the captured stations. Imperial and Republic Shield forces joined in battle, Imperial forces attempting to disable the Chains of Justice’s interdiction field while Republic Shield forces attempted to destroy the Imperial task force. Both sides took damage, with the Dreadnaught Cybrus falling to Imperial fire. After taking fairly severe losses, Republic Shield forces were able to spare the Interdictor Chains of Justice from destruction and gradually destroy the Imperial task force through attrition. The corvettes Quapaw I and Quapaw II fell in defence of the Star Destroyer Impeccable, which proved to be in vain as the Impeccable and its support Frigate Gegenschein took on heavy damage. In the midst of the Imperial defeat, the shuttle Bur’kla launched from the beleaguered Impeccable and attempted to make a run from the combat zone. Republic Shield forces swiftly intercepted and destroyed the shuttle then concentrated their forces against the Impeccable and Gegenschein, destroying them both. The Imperial task force was defeated, with Republic Shield forces sustaining widespread damage. (R2F905)


    The Hammer of Justice

    The Hammer was originally built by the Loronar Corporation for the Empire, and saw service from a year before the destruction of the Second Death Star through till a year after its destruction when it was attacked by a squadron of New Republic B-Wings and captured along with plans for Imperial counter-attacks. The ship was sent to a New Republic shipyard where after sitting empty for six months was almost destroyed by a Imperial raiding party. The crippled cruiser was then limped with a skeleton crew to the Republic Shield Retribution Fleet shipyard. It was repaired and re-fitted with a larger hanger and dispatched with Hydra and Griffin Squadrons.

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